Hey Hey Hey!!

Welcome to Her Hero His Lady. A place of sarcasm, dark humor, blatant honesty, and unfiltered hilarity. You may love it. You may hate it. Either way, we are who we are and if you choose to catch a ride on the crazy train we may become best friends. What you can expect to read when you’re here:

  • All things fire life related. On and off the job.
  • Rants. About everything.
  • Books. Lots and lots of books/reading material.
    • Actually you can find all book related posts over here now.
  • Fitness/Nutrition. Our journey to get fit and healthy.
  • Furbabies. Don’t judge. You have your slobber monsters, I have mine.
  • My journey in being a wannabe fiction author.

This is a small sampling to preview if you think we will be a good fit for your weekly viewing pleasures. My feelings are not hurt easily and I’ve got thick skin but be warned I will not tolerate for any kind of negativity and disrespect. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I enjoy a good debate just like the next stubborn Scorpio.

Remember that.

Free speech and all.

That my husband bled for.

Just a reminder.

ENJOY!! Glad to have ya!

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