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Anniversary BBQ Roadtrip

This year Mike and I are celebrating four years of marriage together. Sadly this year has some crazy job related junk going on that is preventing us from vacation until the end of the year (hopefully), so we decided to do a little “stay-cation” instead. We have lived in Texas for decades and haven’t really explored some of the off the beaten path bar-b-que places yet. I suggested we do a small “BBQ Roadtrip” around the Hill Country. He was game. I mean seriously its bbq, doesn’t take much to convince him. I asked around to some friends and made a list. Said list:

We mapped out our course the night before to be most efficient. Decided to do breakfast at our FAVE place in New Braunfels before we left JUST IN CASE those lines were unpleasant. No joke if you are EVER in New Braunfels this is the place for breakfast, the wait is worth it. (The lunch not so much. The breakfast always.) It’s called Union Street Station and its in between the two Schlitterbahn parks by a traffic light. Soooooo good.

Luling City Market
4/5 Stars
*Brisket moist but not falling apart, easy to eat.
*Pork ribs crispy on the outside, very lean
*Sausage moist, tasteful
*Dont go at lunch, seating fills up fast
*Cash only
*Non-franchised so its authentic with lots of love put into it
*Minus a star for the staff at the drink/side station. May have been it was already noon & it had been open since 7am. Seemed less than enthused to be serving people.

Black’s BBQ- Lockhart
5/5 Stars
*Mike likes the brisket best, cut was thicker & very moist.
*Wider variety of side dishes (black eyed peas, potato salad, deviled eggs, spanish rice, cole slaw, mac n chz, etc)
*Staff was very friendly & willing to explain the ordering process to guests
*Expansive selection of meat ( 3 types of ribs, turkey, chicken, pork loin, brisket), also available in sandwich forms
*little pricey (1/2# brisket, 1/2# baby back ribs, 1/2# turkey, two servings of sides was about $40)

Twisted X Brewery- Dripping Springs
2/5 Stars
*Two stars for service & price
*$14 to sample all 7 beers
*The bartenders were pleasant & helpful in making selections
*The beer itself was ehhhhh
*Mike has tried beers all over the world & was not impressed with any of them
*If you happen to go because you’re in a group get the Raspberry Hefeweizen. Best option.
*The ambiance was good, considerable amount of seating


Salt Lick BBQ- Dripping Springs
4/5 Stars
*Service was quick & efficient
*Much better than the Round Rock location
*Brisket was cut a little thin
*The plate pictured is “The Rancher” includes brisket/sausage/turkey/rib and beans/potato salad/cole slaw. I got a turkey sandwich with the same sides.
*Total $29 without tip. Not too bad.
*More for the atmosphere than the food.


Did I tell you that my Type-A self totally thought ahead & brought a thermal bag with us to put our leftovers in while we kept going? I’m a genius, I know. Kept the dope ride from smelling like bbq throughout the day too. *self high five* on that one. We got home, unloaded, realized we would be eating leftovers for DAAAAAAYS, then ordered pizza. HA! I KID. I totally heated up pork ribs & chopped it up into some mac ‘n cheese for dinner a few hours later. It was unbelievably delicious. Tomorrow is brunch at a Czech place in Boerne. Very pleased with our plans this year. Can’t wait to see what our five year holds!!

*All names of bbq joints will eventually be linked to my Yelp reviews also in case you need more details.