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Our New Hospital Sure is Pretty

The other morning while at work I felt “not right.” Something was amiss. I got light headed while sitting at my desk, then my pulse started racing. I got my phone out & used the stopwatch feature to take my pulse. It was a little high for my normal. The only way to describe it was to say that it felt like I drank two energy drinks back to back. (In addition to that, the last few nights when I’ve gotten up in the middle of the night I’ve been light headed, & I’ve been waking up with headaches.) I told Mike I was gonna go by the fire station by my work & have them run my vitals just to see what was up. I dropped in feeling all kinds of embarrassed to ask but I refused to go to Walgreens or somewhere equivalent because I don’t trust those crap machines by the pharmacy. (Do they even have those any more?) Of course the guys at the station were sweet as can be, hooked me up, added a 12-lead (measures your heart rhythms), and ran my vitals a few times while I described how I felt. Luckily, they said my heart looked great but to get some blood work just in case. They were concerned & told me not to play it off. I got back to work, scanned my strip (the paper that gets printed out of your heart rhythms), and emailed it to Mike since he was on shift to see if it was worth going. He said to be safe rather than sorry and go anyways. I groaned a bit but decided to drive to the new hospital since its not nearly as busy yet. I was seen right away to get hooked up and tested. Long story short I’m “fine” and according to my bloodwork in excellent health. Ugh. They are chalking it up to stress. Excuse for a massage? I think so. 😉

Anyways the point of the story is I wasted $150 for a doctor to tell me to stop stressing out. Plus the staff at the new hospital are phenomenal & I was in/out in two hours! Definitely going back if we ever need anything.

*Thanks to New Braunfels FD & Resolute Hospital for exceptional professionalism and quick responses.