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©2012 Wren Baumgartel

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*2007 Scar*

See that pic above?? Thats my arm in Sept 2007.

Wanna see my arm now??

*5 Year Scar*

Easiest way to do this is by year. Like a timeline so to speak.

May, I’m a sophomore in high school and start dating a guy. (From here on out I’ll refer to him as Sparda.)
May, we graduate high school together.
August, Sparda leaves for the Army.
January, we decide to get married when he returns from training and start the planning.
June, we tie the knot and get our own place.
December, he lays his hands on me for the first time ever.
March, he tells me he wants a divorce.
May, I move out into my own apartment without him.
July, we decide to work things out and he temporarily moves back in.
August, I meet Mike (Hubs now.)
August 31st at 9am, Sparda and I get into an argument about how I’m going out for the weekend and won’t be home until Sunday night. Then The Incident occurs.

Sept 1st- I wake up in ICU, eat some blue jello (funny story behind that here), figure out what happened since going into surgery the day before and find out I’m on the hospital black out list. Meaning I’m non-existent in the system because I was a victim of violent crime. If anyone calls up to the hospital, I won’t be in the system. It was cool. Kinda like witness protection. hehe
Later that week- I go into a second surgery to repair the rest of my arm and start getting mountains of paperwork to file with the DA’s office to press charges, get compensated by the state, and maybe some counseling. (HA! I got this shit. I don’t need stinkin counseling!) Eventually go home after 6-7 days-ish at UHS.

2008- I file for divorce and continue with occupational therapy.
March, I have 3rd surgery to remove scar tissue that is impending on my progress to regain function in my hand.
February, my divorce is finalized.
April 1st, I finally receive justice. Not enough in my opinion but justice.*1st Degree Felony- He received 100 days in jail, 10 years probation towards deferred adjudication, ordered to pay my medical bills and restitution. has a brief description about Deferred Adjudication here.Texas Penal Code in regards to expungment here.

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