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Our New Hospital Sure is Pretty

The other morning while at work I felt “not right.” Something was amiss. I got light headed while sitting at my desk, then my pulse started racing. I got my phone out & used the stopwatch feature to take my pulse. It was a little high for my normal. The only way to describe it was to say that it felt like I drank two energy drinks back to back. (In addition to that, the last few nights when I’ve gotten up in the middle of the night I’ve been light headed, & I’ve been waking up with headaches.) I told Mike I was gonna go by the fire station by my work & have them run my vitals just to see what was up. I dropped in feeling all kinds of embarrassed to ask but I refused to go to Walgreens or somewhere equivalent because I don’t trust those crap machines by the pharmacy. (Do they even have those any more?) Of course the guys at the station were sweet as can be, hooked me up, added a 12-lead (measures your heart rhythms), and ran my vitals a few times while I described how I felt. Luckily, they said my heart looked great but to get some blood work just in case. They were concerned & told me not to play it off. I got back to work, scanned my strip (the paper that gets printed out of your heart rhythms), and emailed it to Mike since he was on shift to see if it was worth going. He said to be safe rather than sorry and go anyways. I groaned a bit but decided to drive to the new hospital since its not nearly as busy yet. I was seen right away to get hooked up and tested. Long story short I’m “fine” and according to my bloodwork in excellent health. Ugh. They are chalking it up to stress. Excuse for a massage? I think so. 😉

Anyways the point of the story is I wasted $150 for a doctor to tell me to stop stressing out. Plus the staff at the new hospital are phenomenal & I was in/out in two hours! Definitely going back if we ever need anything.

*Thanks to New Braunfels FD & Resolute Hospital for exceptional professionalism and quick responses.


Bridal Portraits

Behind the Scenes

Lafmil Photography

So here’s the story behind the bridal portraits:
I bought this dress off the mannequin in a mall. I knew Mike and I would get married at some point and after trying this dress on and then finding out it was the last one made, I HAD to have it. I got a super amazing deal on it because of the fact that it was discontinued. Well needless to say we never had a wedding. (We eloped on a vacation to Boston.) So then this dress was sitting in my closet, never worn with nothing to look forward to. We had wanted to plan a reception for all our friends and family but a year came and went and nada.
One day a friend of mine, whom I met in a class at SAC, put on his facebook that he was looking for models to build up his portfolio. I jokingly asked if he needed bridal portraits for his portfolio since I had a dressed that had never been worn and I needed pix anyways. He said “hell yeah!” Anywho, this is just one of the pix he took. It’s one of my top favorites. I need to get a different one blown up and framed so I can put it in the living room for a vintage celebrity theme. He did an amazing job as well as the make-up artist and hair stylist. LOVED them!!
I’ve even gone back to Dom to get my hair did and he totally captures my inner punk rocker and displays in through my hair! All of them are truly artists.
J Anthony Martinez-
Dominic Alonzo-


…is a faith based Christian company that is built on Proverbs 31. This verse talks about how a woman is worth far more than rubies, she clothes herself in fine linens and is more noble than all. Basically a woman of God that should be respected and treated as such. It’s a verse to try and live up to.

Anywho, the company is about a woman who started sewing purses and tote bags in her basement back in 2003 and became a small business owner. It blew up from there. Now it’s a direct slaes company like Avon, Mary Kay, Lia Sophia… all of those. See, I have never been very interested in those company because I don’t wear much make up or jewelry and I can’t sell something I don’t use or wear all the time. Like food. OMG I love food. I can sell food like it’s nobody’s business. Purses, I can sell purses. I can use a bag for anything and everything and tell you why you need one too. Bonus to this company is that they personalize the items and my name is super hard to find on ANYTHING! So the fact that I had a super cute, useful bag and it was unique like me makes me want to tell everyone about it.

How I got started:

A girl at my former job was showing a flier with a great special but I def could not get another lunch tote or Mike was going to KILL me so I asked if they had a messenger bag. I really needed one for school. They did. SCORE! So I’m flipping through the catalog, liking the stuff. She sends me the link for the new spring/summer catalog and I fall in love. Long story short the girl falls short on every expectation so I go looking for a new consultant on the Thirty-one facebook page. I “interview” a few ladies and decided to stick with Randi Rainwater. She’s been completely amazing!! I’ve probably bugged the complete crap out of her and she still puts up with me. *sigh* We are in a great loving Thirty-one relationship. LoL

So at this point Thirty-one is on a hiring freeze and she’s keeping me updated as to when it’s being lifted for new recruits. Well it was August 1st, firmly. Then all of a sudden… June! Blah blah blah. I sign up, get a few emails, pay the enrollment fee and Viola! I’m a consultant!!
From Now On:

My goal is to get to the top. HA! Ok, well my ongoing joke with Mike is to make more money than him. Then I will officially feel like I contribute to the finances. I do now because I work full time but I want to make sure that I make something of myself. I want to have a career title after my name. Mike has FF/EMT after his name, I want Director or Executive Director or something cool like that. That’s all. ;-D So, I’m bust my butt and be my own boss and set my own hours and DO THIS!!


Drugs, Habits & No Filter


Ever heard of it? Well it’s a medicine to prevent migraines. I’ve been getting migraines since high school that I know of for sure. Now that I can look back on the different symptoms and see how I reacted to different stimuli I now know that I’ve had them for a long while. So, last year I got health insurance finally saw a neurologist to get a diagnosis or to see if anything was going on that I was unaware of. God forbid a brain tumor or anything. Well, after an MRI and some lengthy discussion. NOTHING. Healthy and clear. So off with RXes I go. I’ve been taking Imitrex for about a year and ehhhhhh it’s alright. Sometimes it’ll work and then again it won’t. I’m the migraine sufferer that gets one about once a week and sometimes 3 times a week if stress is super high (a.k.a. finals week.) It SUCKS! They aren’t too bad most of the time. It’s usually a throbbing on the temples and I know oh take some meds and turn the light off or go to bed. But once I start to get tunnel vision it’s game over and it’s full blown. Those I sometimes have to get off from work and sleep in my car if I can’t drive home.

Moving along… I went to see a local doctor here in New Braunfels to try and start moving all my files here in town and he suggested I try this instead. All my physical symptoms said depression but my mood said I was fine. So I can’t sleep for a full night through, I’m constantly exhausted, of course the migraines, can’t drop weight to save my life the list goes on. So he says try this. Take one a day but do it before bed. I’m on the lowest dosage. I’m game for anything at this point. What the hell. So after a week here’s what I’ve come across:

1) In the mornings my hands feel like they are asleep. Constantly tingling. Not too weird if you know my prior circumstance but weird to feel it in my right hand now.

2) At night about an hour I take the medicine it makes my feet itch and tingle. I cant describe it. Only way to “fix” it is to put lotion and socks on.

3) I picked up a Coca-Cola in the morning with my breakfast sandwich (My version of coffee for caffeine intake) and I popped it open (can) and took a drink. It was flat. Noooooo. It was fresh we just bought these the other day. Took another drink. Flat. Weird.
*I googled side effects and carbonated beverages was #1, SHIT! I LOVE Coke. My one addiction. Oh well. That was all too easy.
4) Since Coke is out of the picture I started trying different sodas as this little experiment and Mike made a joke that the only one that wouldn’t taste funny would be Orange or Grape Fanta. I HATE both of those. Luckily they both tasted gross so I win! The only one that has not tasted flat no matter the time of day, hot or cold, has been Sprite. Sprite wins. So now I’m over my soda addictions. YAY! Maybe I can start to drop some weight.
5) I don’t know what’s in this stuff but I totally sleep through the night now. It’s amazing. No wonder he told me to take it before bed. I’ll deal with all the crappy side effects if I can sleep through the night and have less migraines. Amazing!!
Topamax. I’ll be a Ad Model for sure!

Garden *After*

Here is the after product of our front garden. We planted 3 pots of hot pink Gerber Daisies, and 2 pots of white Hydrangeas. It still needs some work. I want a border around the garden so the mulch doesn’t keep sliding down into the yard.

This is a Hibiscus plant the neighbor gave me. She decided not to use it and it’s been blooming like crazy! I get anywhere from 1-4 flowers a day off of it.

My JFK roses have bloomed twice so far and now there’s a new stem growing up as well. I’m super stoked for the roses!

I got about 6 raspberries off my plant so far. I wasn’t able to taste them because they never fully ripened but was very surprised since supposedly they don’t produce fruit in the first year. It’s growing like a damn weed though and I haven’e done much with it. My new favorite!

Garden *Before*

So since we bought our house, I’ve taken on a Martha Stuart attitude. Not a Betty Crocker (I can’t bake) and not Susy Homemaker (I hate to clean). I like being crafty and gardening was something I always wanted to try but never had the space. So here is the before blog when I decided to take on my task. Granted this started in Febuary but with school and work and drama I’ve been slacking on the blog.

*Raspberries on the left. Strawberries on the right.*

*Itty Bitty plant in the middle is a JFK rose bush I started.*

Gotta Love the Season

*Sigh* This season is nothing but trouble, heartache and anger. I HATE the Christmas season because of the weather, the lack of courtesy, stupidity and just plain selfishness of people. To add to all this I’m driving to work this morning; mind you I’m early because there was minimal traffic. So I’m not in a rush like usual, I’m on an overpass that is an access road to the highway and as I’m passing an accident on my right hand side I get into an accident. There is minimal fog, mist that is not quite rain, and tons of idiots on the roads. The roads are slick because San Antonio paves for drought not water, which leads to more accidents than necessary.

There’s 3 cars; myself the black SUV in front of me and a white car in front of them. The white car, like a jackass, decides to stop at a yellow light. In turn the black SUV right in front of me tries to get into the right lane to avoid hitting them. As this happens I try to get into the median to avoid hitting them, slam on my brakes and slide RIGHT INTO the back of them.

*My car. Mainly cosmetic damage.*

*Shady Girl’s car*

Here’s why I say she’s shady. As soon as it happens I call Mike and tell him. I tell him to call Jan (his mom) because she lives right up the road and I was shaken up. So then there’s a lady who stayed a few mins to give us her info as a witness and let’s “Shady Girl” borrow her phone. I get off the phone and ask the lady if the police have been called yet. She says “No, I don’t think so. Why don’t you go ahead and call em.” I go back to my car and Shady Girl comes up to me and says “Can you wait to call 911 until I get a hold of my husband?” Ok…. Fine. I wait a few more mins. Finally Shady Girl comes back to tell me that she wasn’t driving her husband was (who is not on scene) because she doesn’t have her license. OH HELL NO!!! I am not lying to the police because you’re an idiot. NO WAY! Then her “husband” shows up and tries to use reverse psychology on me and repeat the story back to me but my mama didn’t raise no fool.

Cop shows up. Talks to idiot H&W (husband and wife), I stand away from them and give the officer my info. He comes to my car to get info and I straight up tell him that H&W are lying. The W was the one driving and that the H showed up about 20 mins ago. They also tried to get me to lie for them as well. I told him my father was SAPD for 15 years and I would not lie about something like that. He goes back and rips them a new one. It was marvelous! I’m sorry I rear-ended you. I’m sorry your license was lost/expired/stolen. I’m sorry you claim to be pregnant but ya kinda just look fat. BUT when you are saying “Hey call me a tow truck too.” and “Is your insurance going to get me a rental car?” and “How good is your insurance?” You are just looking to scheme on me. Stupid B*TCH!!! (Excuse my language.) Anyways life goes on and yet another one of Murphy’s wonderful Laws is proven to me again.

*God, when do I get a break? I’m tired of you always testing my strength and patience.*