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Anniversary BBQ Roadtrip

This year Mike and I are celebrating four years of marriage together. Sadly this year has some crazy job related junk going on that is preventing us from vacation until the end of the year (hopefully), so we decided to do a little “stay-cation” instead. We have lived in Texas for decades and haven’t really explored some of the off the beaten path bar-b-que places yet. I suggested we do a small “BBQ Roadtrip” around the Hill Country. He was game. I mean seriously its bbq, doesn’t take much to convince him. I asked around to some friends and made a list. Said list:

We mapped out our course the night before to be most efficient. Decided to do breakfast at our FAVE place in New Braunfels before we left JUST IN CASE those lines were unpleasant. No joke if you are EVER in New Braunfels this is the place for breakfast, the wait is worth it. (The lunch not so much. The breakfast always.) It’s called Union Street Station and its in between the two Schlitterbahn parks by a traffic light. Soooooo good.

Luling City Market
4/5 Stars
*Brisket moist but not falling apart, easy to eat.
*Pork ribs crispy on the outside, very lean
*Sausage moist, tasteful
*Dont go at lunch, seating fills up fast
*Cash only
*Non-franchised so its authentic with lots of love put into it
*Minus a star for the staff at the drink/side station. May have been it was already noon & it had been open since 7am. Seemed less than enthused to be serving people.

Black’s BBQ- Lockhart
5/5 Stars
*Mike likes the brisket best, cut was thicker & very moist.
*Wider variety of side dishes (black eyed peas, potato salad, deviled eggs, spanish rice, cole slaw, mac n chz, etc)
*Staff was very friendly & willing to explain the ordering process to guests
*Expansive selection of meat ( 3 types of ribs, turkey, chicken, pork loin, brisket), also available in sandwich forms
*little pricey (1/2# brisket, 1/2# baby back ribs, 1/2# turkey, two servings of sides was about $40)

Twisted X Brewery- Dripping Springs
2/5 Stars
*Two stars for service & price
*$14 to sample all 7 beers
*The bartenders were pleasant & helpful in making selections
*The beer itself was ehhhhh
*Mike has tried beers all over the world & was not impressed with any of them
*If you happen to go because you’re in a group get the Raspberry Hefeweizen. Best option.
*The ambiance was good, considerable amount of seating


Salt Lick BBQ- Dripping Springs
4/5 Stars
*Service was quick & efficient
*Much better than the Round Rock location
*Brisket was cut a little thin
*The plate pictured is “The Rancher” includes brisket/sausage/turkey/rib and beans/potato salad/cole slaw. I got a turkey sandwich with the same sides.
*Total $29 without tip. Not too bad.
*More for the atmosphere than the food.


Did I tell you that my Type-A self totally thought ahead & brought a thermal bag with us to put our leftovers in while we kept going? I’m a genius, I know. Kept the dope ride from smelling like bbq throughout the day too. *self high five* on that one. We got home, unloaded, realized we would be eating leftovers for DAAAAAAYS, then ordered pizza. HA! I KID. I totally heated up pork ribs & chopped it up into some mac ‘n cheese for dinner a few hours later. It was unbelievably delicious. Tomorrow is brunch at a Czech place in Boerne. Very pleased with our plans this year. Can’t wait to see what our five year holds!!

*All names of bbq joints will eventually be linked to my Yelp reviews also in case you need more details.


Review: BlenderBottle GoStak

Remember when I went “Beast Mode” on my blender bottle the other day?
(Don’t know what Beast Mode is? Google it. It’ll provide some laughs.)
Anyways, I posted that picture on instagram with the hashtag “blenderbottle” and perused through other peoples’ pictures in hopes that I wasn’t the only person who managed to destroy one of these. Yeah not so much. BUT I did come across THIS!!! What is this you may ask? OH MY GOD it’s pure genius. Well not really. I think there’s a baby food/ formula/ something or other similar to this before but the point of the matter is it’s specifically made for people who workout and consume supplements. It’s called a GoStak and it’s made by the company Blender Bottle.
Specifically for this reason:
Anyone who has come into contact with a person who “bulks” or uses the gym frequently know that there are oodles of supplements to consume after putting your body through rigorous exercise. That bag above is what I like to refer to as the “Mary Poppins Bag of F*ckin Supplements.” It’s seriously ridonkulous the junk that people carry around with them. Take Mama Laughlin for example, at this post here, she carries a purse, a workout bag, a food bag, etc. My husband is the same way. He has his Mary Poppins bag, his overnight at the FD bag, his laptop bag, and sometimes a bag for all his bedding.
OH MAH LAWD with all the bags!!
No. Unacceptable. Just no.
In the Mary Poppins bag he carries: protein powder, instant carbs, BCAA (branch chain amino acids), Beta-Alaline, and preworkout powder.
I personally think this is frickin ridiculous. You need one powder for BEFORE you work out, THREE powders during workout, and then FOUR powders AFTER you workout. Geezus it’s so frickin complicated. Seriously. I’m not carrying around all that sh*t with me and THEN let’s add that I can’t use his protein powder because I’m on a “non-red meat” diet so whey/casein protein makes me sick. Like legit sick. Therefore I have my OWN GIGANTO tub of protein powder and my FemFire… Are you seeing where this is going?
I ordered my GoStak starter pack online with the 4 varying sizes. The cool part about the GoStak is it fits into a blender bottle for compact transportation. (Once the shaker bottle is all gross and dirty though, I’m just SOL because I’m not putting it into a dirty bottle.) Here is the GoStak broken down so you can see the height/size comparison to a 750mL Camelbak Eddy waterbottle.
*(L->R) 150cc, 100cc, 60cc, & 40cc, plus removable handle*
First up is preworkout mix in the 40cc (tiniest jar). I used one scoop of FemFire preworkout mix with one scoop of soy protein powder. I used the scoop from the FemFire container for a 1:1 ratio because the FemFire alone made me lighteheaded so I’ve been adding this for a little substance on my stomach. Technically you are supposed to take preworkout on an empty stomach but it doesn’t bode well for me so this does the trick.
*One scoop FemFire*
*One scoop of Soy protein powder using FemFire scoop*
Next up is the protein shake WHILE you are working out in the 100cc jar. I really despise the taste of my soy protein powder so I’m exploring some different options. I picked up this egg white one in vanilla. (I’m saving the time and energy it would take on a review to say soy isn’t as bad as I thought it was. YUCK.) Anyways, this little jar is one serving of protein powder, one scoop of BCAA, and one scoop of Beta-Alanine. It took a few tries to figure out what all would fit in each jar so if you are sifting things back and forth, big jar, no wait small jar, shit not big enough… Don’t feel bad. We did it too. Pictured below is all three in the 100cc jar ready to roll. (It still had a bit of room on top if you needed to add a little something else.)
*Tip: There’s this amazing thing called WASHI TAPE, it’s removable masking tape that’s PRETTY! Don’t judge. I’m still a Type-A, OCD, Planner, girl at heart and needed a way to label without putting permanent marker directly onto the containers. If I change up protein powders and the scoop is bigger/smaller then I can use the jar for something else. LOVE that I had washi to label my jars. So stinking cute!
*One scoop protein, one scoop BCAA, one scoop Beta-A*
Lastly, is the post-workout shake. I used the 150cc jar (biggest one) because the carb and soy scoops are HUGE. (Oh it fit. Don’t you worry.) Like the label says, you should drink this shake about 45 mins after your workout. At least that’s what Mike tells me and he’s been doing this for a while so I trust him. Why? How? What does it all do? I don’t frickin know. I just drink what he tells me to and hope it’s not poisoned. HA! I kid. Well sometimes I wonder…
*One 1/2 scoop of instant carbs, one HUGE scoop of soy protein powder, one tiny scoop of BCAA, & one tiny scoop of Beta-A*
TA-DA!! Isn’t it TOOT? I love it. Seriously. All of those containers down to one tower the size of a blenderbottle. Don’t you worry. I’ll be ordering a blue one for Mike as soon as I can stash some funds aside. I may order some more of the 40cc ones so we can put our vitamins (multi, fish oil, etc) on top of the preworkout jar. I plan on having one tower of jars for workout powders and another (possibly pink) tower for snacks like hummus, fruit, nuts, etc. They are dishwasher safe and BPA free in case you are wondering. I know it’s nice to have that information also.

Review: Thermovex Pre-workout

 The other day I posted about Mike throwing me onto the “preworkout” supplement bandwagon with this Review on FemFire. After taking FemFire, I basically felt like I had consumed a handful of B vitamins with a cup of coffee. I was juiced all day long. Not in a crazy cracked out way but I wasn’t dragging ass either. It was nice for a change.
Today was my second sample from NutriShop called Thermovex. The guy at the store said to drink half of it by the time I started my workout and then drink the rest while exercising. I filled up the small shaker with water and added the one scoop. I drank half of it while driving to the gym and the other half while doing chest sets. I never got a kick like I did with the FemFire. I barely broke a sweat like normal sans a preworkout drink. In all honestly, I didn’t fee like it did much for me. At least with the FemFire I could feel myself give that extra push to finish a set. Needless to say it was ehhhh. I mean seriously the FemFire gave me enough to talk about that I had a long drawn out post about it. This one the taste was good though. It was a little on the sweet side but it dissolved pretty well in water from the fridge. It was ok. I’m thinking I may go ahead and buy the FemFire and test it out to see if it helps with results. Hopefully in 6 months I can trim some of this fluff off. Stay tuned!
*Thermovex Preworkout*

Review: FemFire Pre-Workout for Women

Ever since my husband got serious about his working out last year, he has acquired an assload of supplements to enhance his results. Last year I was doing really well about going to the gym with him and using Jim Stoppani’s “Shortcut to Size” routine until I got my ass handed to me with school and life. Which then caused me to take a six month hiatus from the gym. Now that I’ve graduated with my bachelor’s (link grad post here) and finished my EMT program, I have OODLES of time to get into the gym and focus on getting in shape before getting knocked up and destroying my body. *groan*Anyways, Mike has been trying to get me to use his “pre-workout” mix for months so I can go longer, faster, stronger in my workouts. I’ve always been hesitant because he called it “go-go juice” and said it made him feel like the squirrel in Over The Hedge.

Not my idea of a good time. I’ll admit I’m a caffeine addict so I can drink coffee and soda before bed and go straight to sleep. Yet, Mike is as well but if he says this stuff makes you tingly then awwww hell I’m not sure I’m down for this stuff. I posted on facebook the other day about finally caving to try it and a friend responded for me to do it because he wanted to read about my experience. So I said “challenge accepted” and went by Nutrishop to grab a few samples. They gave me FemFire and Thermovex to try out. This is my review on the FemFire Preworkout mix.
We usually go to the gym at eight in the morning because of the time he gets off shift and back into town. (Plus it’s January and you try going to the gym after work with the “5pm-New-Years-Resolution” people. No way in hell.) The guy at Nutrishop said to take the mix on an empty stomach because it works better that way. Well… today he happened to be off so we woke up later than usual and didn’t get to the gym til 10am which meant I hadn’t eaten since the night before. I was STARVING. Unfortunately, because of this, while I working out I started to feel extremely lightheaded and had to sit down a few times. Also, you are supposed to drink it about 15 minutes before you start so it’ll kick in on time but I waited til I started and it still did the job. I did mix mine with about 4 ounces of water and it still tasted kind of chalky. Will make sure to add more water next time. Yuck. Otherwise, it’s not too bad. It was a strawberry lemonade flavor so it tasted like a Crystal Light water enhancer.
I started my exercises. Today was shoulders & traps which aren’t as bad for me. Fair warning I’m still a newbie gymrat so I’m only lifting the five and ten pound dumbbells but once you get to that third or fourth set of 12-15… shit it hurts. I did notice that I wasn’t crapping out like I usually do. Not sure if that is due to muscle memory or the FemFire. The only part was the lightheaded feeling towards the end of my workout but I KNOW that’s because I hadn’t eaten.
Typically I’m not a sweater even after a strenuous workout. I just don’t sweat that much. This stuff though? I don’t know what’s in it but I was sweating after my first muscle group set. Holy shit. Upside? You know it’s working and you are burning a lot more calories than usual. Downside? Groooooooss. Seriously. Boob sweat. Neck sweat. Yuck. In response to that though, I HIGHLY encourage you double up the normal after workout water intake to make up for this stuff. It’s burning off the fat you can’t normally get to so you need to flush it out with an increased water intake. In the end I didn’t feel “jittery” per say. I did feel like I had a lot more to give though, so that was helpful. I’d use it again. I definitely didn’t have a crash later like I usually do after exerting so much energy without any supplements. Next workout is Thermovex. Keep a lookout for that review. :)Also I follow these two ladies on instagram for some great motivation if you’d like some inspiration: @dottie_731 and @mamalaughlin


*FemFire Preworkout*
*Update 01/07/2014: I bought a container of FemFire last night after the Thermovex gave me sub-par results. This morning Mike put a half scoop of protein powder in my FemFire mix and said to try that so I wouldn’t get lightheaded. It actually worked. I was able to push through the workout without having to sit and collect myself. I also didn’t sweat as much as if it was just the FemFire by itself. I’ll keep playing around with it and see what will be the most beneficial for my workouts. Keep ya posted!!
*FemFire w/ Scoop of Protein Powder*

Review- Erin Condren Life Planner

Do you see that beautiful packaging above? Do you know what that encases? THIS!
My first ever Erin Condren Life Planner in the International- United States pattern!! I mean seriously how could I pass this up considering the name of this blog and my family? Seriously. Had to. I have been looking at this planner for about 18 months and couldn’t pull the trigger on it. Why you may ask, knowing I have an insane obsession over all things office supplies? Because it STARTS at $50. EEK. Yeah pick your jaw up off the desk. I’m a super frugal person and $50 for a planner even for the “Queen of School Supplies”, as Mike so lovingly refers to me as, can’t justify spending that kind of money on papers and binding. 
Well… This whole going to EMT school plus clinicals, one last UIW class, work, Mike’s shift days,  Mike’s Schlitterbahn days, paydays, bills, vacation, Battling BARE- 1st Responders, Texas Fire Wives, etc, etc, had my brain fried. There’s a whole week that passed and I have no idea what happened to it or what didn’t. Weekends? What weekends? I was using my Maybooks planner and loved it in the beginning but the busier I got the less it had to offer me. Don’t get me wrong I still LOVE my Maybooks for note jotting for the blog, my memoir, and whatever else but for agenda/planner wise, not so much. 
The new 2013 EC Life Planner came out and had a few updates that I liked and started putting some money aside here and there as I kept debating about getting one. I finally decided to get one. A lot of my other friends had jumped on the band wagon and LOVED theirs. (Another choice was MomAgenda but it was kind of blah to me.) Bonus: EC Life Planners are customize-able with photos, names, quotes, whatever your heart desires. 
Let’s get started on all the details. The front is custom as you saw (included in price). I chose “Her Hero His Lady 2013-2014” since I’d be using this as a personal/family/school/blog/TX fire wives planner. I felt the blog name pretty much encompassed all of that instead of just my name itself. 
Below you will see a close up of the front corner of the planner. I felt it was important to showcase that the covers are laminated. As a woman, most of you know that after about 3 months of tossing your planner in your purse/ diaper bag/ backpack/ car/ etc it starts to get a lil ragged. The laminate keeps it sturdy. 
This is the inside of the front cover. Pretty plain. I’m sure you can put your contact info on the front cover but because it’s laminate, I’m not sure how well it’ll stick. Probably use a sharpie but even then it scrapes off eventually. *Shrug* Not sure if I’ll fill it out or not. 
*UPDATED Front Cover*
I used one of the handy stickers that came as a freebie in the back pouch to write all my info on so it wouldn’t smear off later. Got the idea from a friend. She’s a genius! 
These are the tabs that are laminated also. I chose an 18 month planner since 2013 is the last year I’ll be working on an academic calendar system. It worked perfectly that I’ll have all of 2014 too. (This was an additional $5 so the total is up to $55 now.) Tabs consisted of: Special Dates, 2013/2014 calendars at a glance, 18 months, Notes, Contacts. 
Special Dates tab: This has 3 two-page spreads with months numbered out so I can list out everyone’s birthday in one spot. I like this a lot better so people’s birthdays aren’t getting mixed into all my personal junk on the monthly spread.
*Update- I decided to repurpose the birthday/anniversary section because there was a lot of wasted space since I don’t have THAT many friends/family birthday reminders. I moved the birthdays to the coordinating day on the weekly section with a birthday sticker. Then I used the Jan/Feb for “Books To Read” in 2014. March/April is the “$5 Word List” for unusual words I come across and would like to incorporate more into my vocabulary. Further back I used another page to list out my tv shows that I watch religiously. I got super anal about it and sorted by the season in which they start. Don’t judge me! I’m liking this SOOO MUCH MORE!


Month tabs: This here is August. Yeah this is what August looks like before I put anything in it. There are stickers for the days Mike is on shift, my EMT class, and payday. HA! I may put an updated picture at the end of August to show what it ended up looking like. A before/after picture. *sigh* Color coding is genius, whoever came up with that.


Now you have a small glimpse into my brain. All. The. Time. That’s not even showing the week we were all over Canada because I couldn’t fit it on there. Once I showed this to Mike and he realized all the things that are CONSTANTLY going through my brain… well let’s just say he’s a little nicer when I say I’m overwhelmed. Because obviously. 
LOVE this part and didn’t know about it until I got mine. Every page has laminated holes for the binding. Can you see that faint line on the green part? Every edge on every page is laminated for reinforcement. Keeps the pages from ripping out after months of use. 
This is the weekly spread. The left side has the “Goals & Notes” section with a small month at the top. Each day is listed with a “Morning, Day, & Night” box. At the bottom are some lined spaces that could be used for workouts, meal planning, homework, whatever pleases you. I’d like it better if the boxes were blank for me to write in whatever I wanted. For example: work, to-do, school, blog, etc opposed to “Morning, Day, Night.” 
*Up close view of weekly spread*
How appropriate this ended up as my bookmark. Constant goals. All day every day.  If I don’t have some kind of goal I feel like I’m not working towards anything. Absolutely feels like this is a sign from the universe that I got this marker. The bookmark has notches for the binding so it snaps right in and doesn’t move. LOVE IT. 
Notes tab: contains both lined and blank pages. I saw on someone else’s review that she uses post-its for these pages since there aren’t many of them. Makes sense. Write down what you need and you can layer the post-its and fit more info on there. Yeah I bought a stack of different color post-its. Also bought more plastic tabs so I can use them to separate different sections if I need them. 
*Update- I ended up getting plastic tabs to divide this area into sections. An example below shows my two page spread for different local festivals in 2014 I’d like to attend. Each post-it is a month and I listed all the festivals for that month on the post it. Another page I did “Movies To See” and use color coordinated post its for that page for all the movies I want to see, some are from last year but when I watch rental dvds and saw previews, I put it on the list. I love having all my “lists” in one place so readily available for me to add to when something strikes me!!


Contacts tab: left page is miscellaneous important numbers plumbers, electrician, insurance, groomer, accountant, doctor, lawyer, etc. Yeah with smart phones, I probably won’t use that page. Plus we don’t have “usual” people we call for that stuff, especially since our house is still under warranty. The right page is blank so I put our moms and family friends that I tend to send the most mail/packages out to.

STICKERS!! Who doesn’t love stickers? Especially scrapbooking people like me? The planner comes with four pages of stickers. Two pages are pre-customized with common phrases and two are blank. Since there are certain events in my life that are very repetitive, I opted for two additional sheets customized with my own phrases like SBFR (to use for Mike’s shift days), payday, UIW/EMT, babysit, and Texas Fire Wives (for our meet ups). With the two added sheets +$5.00 each Customized stickers x 2 sheets (Total is up to $65).
*Preprinted sheets*

*Blank sheets*

*The custom sheets I order in addition to the above. You can also choose which color you want for each row. AND the whole row doesn’t have to be the same. If you need only 3 stickers of _____ then you can get 3. Love the flexibility*
After the stickers, there is a double sided pocket. Once I can get REALLY organized, definitely after I’m done with all this school junk, I’m hoping to have one side of bills “to-pay” and then as I pay them they move to the other side as “paid”. At the end of each month I’d take them out of my planner and file them away in the filing cabinet. A far off dream at this point but a goal nonetheless. 
Next up is that super awesome clear little pocket on the right. OMG! So in my package were some sticker labels with my name on them and a few generic ones like “Happy Birthday” or “A Gift From Me to You”. Super cute little extra they threw in there. Since my custom stickers weren’t attached to the binding, I cut them up into strips and put them in the pocket so they would stay out of the way. (Saw that on someone else’s video and thought it was smart. So I stole it.) Also, tossed my tabs in there so they aren’t getting bent or stuck on something else in my pen bag. 

*The extra labels they gave me*

The binding is aluminum and VERY sturdy opposed to that plastic crap you see in the stores. I’m definitely impress with this. Hopefully it holds up as well as it feels.

Lastly, is my frugal side kicking in. So on the site you can add on some elastic bands for like $7 that keep your planner together once you start putting all your shit in it. It’s a set of 3 bands. Wait. Those look pretty darn similar to my hair bands I use for the gym to keep my flyaways held back. Pshhhhh $7 my butt. LoL TA-DA!!! An extra UnderArmour hair band has the same effect and I saved $7. 
We started with a $50 planner, added $5.00 for an additional 6 months, and then $10 in custom stickers plus “free” shipping and whatever tax was and my total came to $73-ish. Take a moment and breathe through that. I see some of my other friends with the “pen holder” for $3 (I use 6 different colored pens, the holder is worthless for me), the elastics bands (a set of 3 for $7), custom notepads ($18?!?! I. Dont. Think. So.), their own colored pens ($9)… you’re looking at $100 for a damn planner and accessories. Yikes. Granted I could have printed out my own stickers but that is a lot of ink. Anyways, yes it was quite pricey. Yes, I still think how did I pull that off? BUT I’m feeling a little more at ease seeing everything written down. I have space for it all now. I can actually list out all my homework assignments, and to-do items for specific days. I’ll probably have to do a follow up at the end of the year and let yall know how the chaos of the fall semester went and if this helped any. Yes Mike rolls his eyes every time I bring it out with my multitude of colored pens when we are at the dinner table or whenever for that matter. I don’t care. I LOVE it. 
If you have questions, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll put the answers in the post.
You can use this referral link to receive $10 off your first purchase. HAPPY SHOPPING!  
*Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way, shape, or form for this planner. I purchased it with my own funds and reviewed it for my personal benefit. 

Diva Cup- FAQs

Well ladies I’ve been getting some amazing feedback from all of you on facebook about the Diva Cup review I wrote. Here are some of the frequently asked questions I’ve received and answers from the company site, my experience, and some experience from others.

*Still working on this post as more questions arise.

Where can you buy the Diva Cup?

  • Myself- I ordered it from Amazon because my small town didn’t have any in stock.
  • Friends- Someone suggested or Whole Foods

How do you clean the Diva Cup?

  • Before insertion and after removal, you must also wash your DivaCup using The DivaWash or warm water and a mild, unscented, water-based (oil-free) soap.  As needed, you can boil The DivaCup in an open pot of boiling water for five to ten (5 -10) minutes with plenty of water.
  • Myself- I personally just washed it out while I was in the shower and it was fine. The water was hot and used whatever leftover body wash I had on my poof. 

What if you have a small cervix?

Is it uncomfortable?
What about for women with heavy flows?
  • The DivaCup conveniently holds one full ounce of menstrual flow (30 ml). As the average woman only flows approximately 1 to 1.4 ounces (30-40 ml) per cycle, The DivaCup is the ideal menstrual solution to care for your cycle.
  • Myself- I personally am a light flow person and even having it in for 24 hours it was barely 1/4 cup full. You honestly don’t bleed as much as you would think. 
  • Friends- 

Review: Diva Cup

*Disclaimer- I was not compensated for anything related to purchasing the Diva Cup or for using it and posting my review. This is done all on my own accord. 

What is a Diva Cup?
Diva Cup Website

FAIR WARNING- Very long post ahead. Not to mention some crude and inappropriate sexual comments hidden within. 😀

I finally got to use my Diva Cup!!! It was definitely interesting that’s for sure. If you aren’t sure what a Diva Cup is please refer back to my earlier post when I first made the decision to switch from tampons/ pad/ liners.

First off is a few pictures I took to give everyone an idea of how big the Diva Cup (Size 1- under 30, no kids) actually is. When seen in the box or online it kind of makes people nervous. Even I couldn’t really find a scale of size to see if I was willing to try it. A lot of people hear or read “cup” and freak out. It’s actually quite small. I mean c’mon ladies there are much bigger “things” that you have no qualms about using all up in there. hehe

(Left -> Right)
1) Diva Cup with it’s little pouch it came with.
2) Sitting in my hand.
3) Next to a Visine bottle. Everyone has a general idea how little the eye drop bottles are.

Next, this set of pictures is one way to insert the Diva Cup. It’s called the Push Down method. This happened to be the easiest way for me. It’s all preference.

This set of pictures is the U Fold method. For some reason it was harder to keep it squeezed together for me. Who knows why. Do what works best for you.

Ok so now onto the good part!! I started getting my usual signs, a week early again mind you, and decided to put it in before I went to bed just to practice a little bit. When I mentioned getting my DivaCup on facebook, one of my friends suggested putting in while in the shower. MUCH EASIER! I felt a surge in the middle of the night and woke up. Went to the bathroom, realized I had my Diva Cup in and then back to bed. All was good. No leaks.

*I have a pretty normal flow but on the light side compared to some women I know. I can either use one Regular tampon for about 4-6 hours or a Super for 6-8 hours, with a rare leak. I have other friends who have to change a Super tampon every 2 hours. YIKES.

Anyways, I put it in before bed then the next morning during my shower, took it out, rinsed it, and put it back in. Later on during the day I had to poop and ended up pooping it out. LoL What can I say, I have awesome kegels. Well… that took some practice trying to differentiate between muscles in the nether regions. That was the only time I did that. I also think it’s because the first day of my period is always the most serious cramping. Like so bad I had to ask my boss if I could go home at lunch.

From that point on, it was so easy. I would wake up every morning get ready for work like usual and put in my Diva Cup. Then after a full eight hour day, and four hours of night school, I’d come home jump in the shower, take it out, rinse it, put it back in and then go to bed. On Day 3 I left it in for a full twenty-four hours. It says to do every twelve but since my cycles are so light I tested it. No leaks, no funky iron/rusty smell, nothing. It was actually pretty damn awesome. I LOOOOOOVE the fact that there wasn’t that musky dirty smell. You know what I’m talking about. That smell when you walk into a public bathroom and you can tell the whole office staff is on their period. GROSS. yuck.

Also, I had heard of other women and their cramps miraculously disappearing as soon as they started using the DivaCup. That’s a crock of shit. It really didn’t help or make mine worse. I think if you are prone to cramps you are just S.O.L.

All in all, I really like it. I will still use a liner just to be safe but it’s actually held up to all the hype. I really liked it. Now if you are someone with a heavier flow and need to switch it out more often watch this video from Jill Krause over at with her review of the DivaCup and some of her suggestions.