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Summer 2014

The summer started & ended on all kinds of crazy. Well depending on your definition of crazy. In May I finally got Nationally Registered for my EMT certification and promptly applied to Schlitterbahn (Hottest Coolest Time in Texas!! Don’t lie you sang the tune when you read that.) to be First Aid in the park. It helps when your husband is on his fourth season there & can at least get you an interview. I got hired on the first week of June & started working that weekend. My main goal was to get my feet wet in the field until I could land a more permanent position somewhere in the EMS industry. Also because it’d be nice to get some extra cash to pay off some debt since student loans went into repayment during the summer as well. Yaaaaaay. *sarcasm*

I was still working my full time 8-5 as well as Mike working his full-time department. The only FULL day I spent with him was Father’s Day. When I say full day, I mean wake up next to each other, enjoy a cup of coffee in bed while we scroll through our respective facebook feeds, shower, clean house, make lunch, rent a movie… you get the idea. The rest of the time its see each other at 9 or 10pm when he’s getting home from wherever, I’m already in bed, he kisses me before turning my light out & putting whatever book I’m reading on my nightstand. We finally had a WHOLE weekend together mid-August where we go to enjoy some time together and try some new restraurants. It was just what we needed.

Did I mention he’s also in night classes twice a week for AEMT? Yup. That too. So depending on if he is on shift the next day (classes are held at the station), he will just spend the night there to save on gas and get a decent night’s rest. LoL we really don’t have social lives. Over the years I’ve noticed we thrive on this kind of schedule though. The times we do see each other ALL. THE. TIME. it kind of turns deadly & resorts to mumbling “When the hell is he/she going back to work? Shit.” Haha it sounds horrible but its how we work.

Thank God Schlitterbahn is finally closed for the season. It’ll open back up in the spring and we’ll apply for the 2015 season. For now though… I’m looking forward to Wurstfest! It’s a yearly birthday tradition since we moved out here and it’ll mean Mike is done with his AEMT class too!! So close. So close. Stay tuned for more adventures!



*Pretty much how we saw each other all summer. Texting pictures to each other while on opposite ends of the park.*


I almost peed…

So every 1230 pm on Wednesday, there is a flood siren that sounds and then follows with “Warning. This is a test.” Blah blah blah. And EVERY Wednesday at 1230, if I’m out getting lunch or running errands, it scares the crap out of me. It’s not bad if you are inside a building because then it’s muffled. But watch out if your are outdoors and happen to be near one. I almost peed myself today when getting Subway.
These sirens were installed after the flood of 2010 in New Braunfels. Typical dry summer and out of nowhere there’s a torrential downpour in this small town. The rivers could not hold all of the water, the ground was too dry to soak it all up. Just bad news all around. It was the worst flood in 12 years and caused a lot of damaged. Because of this, they installed these sirens to warn residents that the river levels are raising faster than expected. Some people were trapped while others woke up to water in their houses. These sirens will hopefully save lives & warn people to get out when they can. Even though I’ve lived here for 18 months, they still catch me off guard every Wednesday. Lunch, anyone??