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Introverts Unite!

Last night I was quietly working on putting shift days into my 2015 Plum Paper Planner when I made a comment to my husband saying “I secretly love that our jobs require us to work holidays.” (He is a firefighter/EMT, and I recently accepted a job as a dispatcher.) This year he happens to be working both Christmas day and New Year’s Eve. I’m not sure what I’m working yet because my schedule isn’t set like his is. Anyway the point was that I made this comment and he then turns to me and says “You know I’ve been wondering about that lately. Do you miss that?”

I asked him, “Miss what?”

He replies with “You know, the holidays. Events. That kind of stuff.”

I reply- “Hell no! This… *motions to us sitting in bed together while he’s playing video games on his laptop, while I washi my planner and color code* All of this is what I love. Do you know how draining it is going to holiday events and maintaining small talk with random people? Or having to put on uncomfortable clothing for someone else’s benefit? Nope. I like this *our life, our schedules* just the way it is. Why do you ask?”

He says- “I was just thinking about it the other day and didn’t know if you felt like we were missing out on anything with friends and family.”

Sometimes I think he forgets that I grew up in a LEO family (dad was a cop) and that I’m used to not putting stock into celebrating on ACTUAL holidays. Our family tradition was to open gifts on Christmas Eve because my dad worked the day shift on Christmas. Same applied to Thanksgiving. I just don’t care about that kind of stuff. It’s not high on my priority list. PLUS we tend to be the ones volunteering to work holidays because it means overtime pay. Seriously. We are usually the ones who will take a shift for someone because they want it off for their kids or whatever. Hells yes. Give us all the overtime. I also have a feeling whenever we decide to have our own kids that we’ll probably go on vacation during major holidays. Why not?

The point of this post was that no I don’t “miss” crap like that. It’s not my thing. I love our life the way it is. As crazy and unconventional as it may be. It’s ours.

Summer 2014

The summer started & ended on all kinds of crazy. Well depending on your definition of crazy. In May I finally got Nationally Registered for my EMT certification and promptly applied to Schlitterbahn (Hottest Coolest Time in Texas!! Don’t lie you sang the tune when you read that.) to be First Aid in the park. It helps when your husband is on his fourth season there & can at least get you an interview. I got hired on the first week of June & started working that weekend. My main goal was to get my feet wet in the field until I could land a more permanent position somewhere in the EMS industry. Also because it’d be nice to get some extra cash to pay off some debt since student loans went into repayment during the summer as well. Yaaaaaay. *sarcasm*

I was still working my full time 8-5 as well as Mike working his full-time department. The only FULL day I spent with him was Father’s Day. When I say full day, I mean wake up next to each other, enjoy a cup of coffee in bed while we scroll through our respective facebook feeds, shower, clean house, make lunch, rent a movie… you get the idea. The rest of the time its see each other at 9 or 10pm when he’s getting home from wherever, I’m already in bed, he kisses me before turning my light out & putting whatever book I’m reading on my nightstand. We finally had a WHOLE weekend together mid-August where we go to enjoy some time together and try some new restraurants. It was just what we needed.

Did I mention he’s also in night classes twice a week for AEMT? Yup. That too. So depending on if he is on shift the next day (classes are held at the station), he will just spend the night there to save on gas and get a decent night’s rest. LoL we really don’t have social lives. Over the years I’ve noticed we thrive on this kind of schedule though. The times we do see each other ALL. THE. TIME. it kind of turns deadly & resorts to mumbling “When the hell is he/she going back to work? Shit.” Haha it sounds horrible but its how we work.

Thank God Schlitterbahn is finally closed for the season. It’ll open back up in the spring and we’ll apply for the 2015 season. For now though… I’m looking forward to Wurstfest! It’s a yearly birthday tradition since we moved out here and it’ll mean Mike is done with his AEMT class too!! So close. So close. Stay tuned for more adventures!



*Pretty much how we saw each other all summer. Texting pictures to each other while on opposite ends of the park.*

Switchin Up The Fitness

When I first started my fitness journey I tagged along with Mike while he used Jim Stoppani’s “Shortcut to Size” workout plan. It was simple enough for me to learn the motions and if something was too complicated, Mike modified it for me. Super simplistic. I started getting serious about working out last December after I graduated from college. Then in January-ish my hours were cut back at work so I was able to go in the mornings before work with Mike. I got to the point where I was in the gym 4-5 times per week until 5 months later where I had to go back to 40 hours a week. Bleh. I hate working Mon through Fri 8-5. I’m not a morning person and going to the gym after 5 sucks because everyone and their mom is there. Ok I’m getting off track.

Anyways, I’ve done two cycles of 12 weeks on the Stoppani program and am wanting to switch things up a bit. Basically it comes down to me being bored. I love following Jamie Eason (former Houston Texans cheerleader turned weightlifting/figure/bodybuilding athlete) because she’s realistic in her body’s expectations. I decided to try out her LiveFit program from It’s different. It will be challenging. One, it’s new exercises I’ve never ventured into. Two, new exercises to test the capabilities of my left hand/arm and push the limits. Three, SUPERSETS. *groan* Google that. Tell me how excited you’d be to do those too. Lastly, her program calls for carb cycling. I live for carbs since I’m primarily meat free so I may quite cranky by the end of this.

Back when school started for our area I decided I’d start getting up at 5am so I can be at the gym by 6am to get my workout in, and also avoid the crazy school traffic in my neighborhood. I kind of like the early morning workouts because it seems only the cardio gods are awake that early so I have free reign to all the weights. It’s nice. I’m able to get in and knock out my routine, maybe even 15 minutes of cardio and STILL make it to work 10 minutes early. I just have to round out those preworkout scoops instead of them being flat. 🙂

During the summer I picked up a second job that took up my days off that left me utterly exhausted and I was only working out MAYBE once a week at the gym. BUT, big but, I actually was still getting some exercise at the part time job because of what it required so it wasn’t a total fail. I’ve decided with this new program that I’ll be taking measurements at the start of each new phase (3 phases, 12 weeks total).  Below are my stats from January and my current stats before starting the LiveFit program.

 Jan 06, 2014 

  • Height:        5′ 6″
  • Weight:       140 lbs
  • Bra size:      36D
  • Shirt Size:    M/L
  • Pants:          4/6
  • Dress:          6/8 or M/L


  • Upper Arms: 13 inches (not flexed)
  • Bust:              37 inches
  • Waist:            28 inches
  • Butt:              39-40 inches
  • Thighs:          22 inches




*February 28, 2014*

Sept 10, 2014 

*Items in BOLD denote changes. Pictures will be added soon.


  • Height:        5′ 6″
  • Weight:       150 lbs
  • Bra size:      36D (Large in Aerie bralette. Way too hot for regular bras right now.)
  • Shirt Size:    M/L (Starting to hate sleeves of any kind. I’m popping the seams to loosen them.)
  • Pants:          4 is a little snug. 6 is loose.
  • Dress:          6/8 or M/L


  • Upper Arms: 12.5 (not flexed), 13 inches (flexed)
  • Bust:              38 inches (I think this is more of the fact that they are finally lifting some, not actually getting bigger.)
  • Waist:            27.5 inches
  • Hips:              37 inches*
  • Butt:              42 inches*
  • Thighs:          20.5 inches

*I decided to differentiate between hips & butt from here on out. My waist is very defined so I’m measuring at the cinched area above my belly button. My hips are across my upper pelvic bone. My butt is the center of my arse. Now that I’m starting to see actual changes, I’d like to be more specific in my measurements. I think I may start including calves also.

As you can see I put back on the eight pounds that I lost. I’m not too distraught about it since I clearly have added some “GAINZ” into that. 😉

I “lost” half of an inch in my arms when they aren’t flexed. Hellooooooo baby biceps/triceps though when they are flexed.

I’ve lost half of an inch in my waist. Not sure where it went. Or how.

The hips/ butt area… that one is kind of tricky. By the numbers it would show I’ve lost but if you split it into hips and butt, it kind of evens out. I’m more concerned about firming and lifting the booty. No plans on having it run down the back of my legs.

I’m excited to get this going. We are hoping to go on a cruise the first week of December so this is my goal. Try and stick with this like the plan dictates so I can be all kinds of cut by then. Ohhhhh yeah! Getting excited!!




*September 12, 2014*


Our Only Summer Weekend Together

Remember the post I wrote about Our Crazy Summer? Well this is about the ONLY weekend we got to spend together this summer. I mean full fledged had nothing schedule except the seat of our pants. on Saturday, I had made an appointment for my eye doctor to get an Rx for my contacts and some back up glasses. On our way into San Antonio, we stopped by the new Dunkin Donuts in the Stone Oak area. Because obviously. America runs on Dunkin and all. Geez I wish they would put one in our town. In our town none of the Starbucks have drive-thrus and Einstein’s coffee is ehhhhhh. Hopefully one day.


So we made it to my eye appointment and then swung by Mike’s optometrist to see if there were any glasses he would like. Somehow we lucked out recently with badass vision insurance at his job and it would be fairly inexpensive. This man has had the same glasses since I met him in 2007 and the cat chewed the rubber pieces off by the ear section. Sometimes he could clearly see out of them other times not so much. He ended up with a nice Nike pair that make him look even more sexy than he is already. I decided to try on a few pair and naturally gravitated to the Coach section without realizing it. (My current pair in the Dunkin Donuts picture are Coach.) Mike says it’s because I have champagne taste on a tap water budget. Pshhhhh whatevs. I tried this red pair on about three times and couldn’t stop thinking about them. As I was taking a picture of these to remember when I come back later to purchase them… this happens. Yeah that’s my manchild photobombing my picture.


After all that we did a little shopping. I was looking for a particular item that caused us to take advantage of a “Buy one, get one 1/2 half off” sale at a shoe store so we got new tennis shoes. We went by a few other stores but those were definitely a need after tearing up ours from working at Schlitterbahn all summer. By this point we are starving. The one place I was really excited to try for lunch was closed so we tried Freetail Brewing instead. It’s a microbrewery on the North Central-ish side of San Antonio. It was actually fairly good. We’ll definitely try it again.


For Sunday I surprised Mike by telling him that we were going golfing and I would let him teach me how to golf. (When I say TEACH me, I mean that in the physical sense. I know enough about the GAME of golf that I can hold my own in a conversation with someone. I just get super frustrated when I miss that stupid little ball and it’s still sitting there post-swing.) I swear the look of excitement on his face was so cute. After brunch we were going to go to a local place but it looked like rain so we did a little shopping and headed to Austin. My BFF mentioned Top Golf and we decided to try it. Luckily we got in right before noon and got the half price special. I will say that it was a smidge pricey if we hadn’t gotten in at half-price. It’s a great date night idea, especially if you can get a few friends to go and share the cost of a bay.


Mike of course was able to whack it all the way to the back but he’s been playing for YEARS. He set me up with the basics and I then proceeded to down two beers to help me get through this rough experience. It was frustrating. There were many a times I said “Your turn!” because I was about to throw the damn club into one of those nets. (LoL I have anger issues with that little ball, don’t judge.) Mike teases me that I’m a perfectionist, well yeah I’d like to do it properly so I don’t pull something and then limp like an old person afterwards. How many times did I swing and miss but never took my eyes off the ball? Several. How awkward was it to keep my arms in the same place and only use my hips. Tremendously awkward. But as soon as I got into a groove… WATCH OUT! I hit fairly straight too. *When I do hit it* 😉 By the time we finished our hour, we were all kinds of sweaty and gross. It was beyond humid that day. Then we headed home.


All in all it was a fun weekend. It was nice to FINALLY spend some quality time with my long lost husband. Even though by that evening we were asking each other “When do you go back to work again?” (That’s our teasing way of saying “You’re being a pain in my arse.”) Two full days together is sufficient for us. LoL I really do love him. Or I wouldn’t have put up with him for 7 years.

OH! I started looking around online for a set of golf clubs that I could piddle around with until I got good enough to buy a nice set. Craigslist? Bust. They (multiple posters) wanted like $300 for clubs from the 80’s that probably haven’t seen the light of day since 1995. Really? No. Dick’s was still a little pricey for my taste. I got on our local facebook trade group and posted an “ISO” thread (In Search Of, for those over the age of 40). A guy messaged me saying his wife wanted to sell hers & I could have them for $100. I sent the picture to Mike and he said to take it! OOOOOOK. I met up with him, got the clubs, and showed Mike. He says they are actually a nice brand. I’m more worried about the thrown up pepto look all over it. Ugh. So. Much. Pink. Whatever they will serve a purpose. Now that I finally have my own set, we are on a mission to scope out local driving ranges to practice on. I’ll keep y’all posted.


The Great Debate: 50 Shades of Grey

Alright let’s get all this out in the open. Let’s talk. If you are uncomfortable with reading about sex, BDSM, or trashy romance novels, then you definitely should keep reading this. Why are we still treating this as taboo?

The Facts:

  • I read the series last summer. I felt it was poorly written, especially grammatically.
  • I have no desire to see the movie. Realistically, to capture what happened in the books and for it to be worth the time, the movie would need to be NC-17 or a porno.
  • I read oodles of romance novels, some very graphic, others tame, and still get it on with my husband very frequently. I’ll go more in depth about why I brought that up further down.


Here’s what has been circulating since this book crossed the pond into the radical Christian nation known as America. *shaking my head* Unfortunately, because our country is so hung up on making sex a taboo topic it’s hard to talk about things like 50 Shades of Grey (the good and the bad) without someone condemning your for your choice of literary works. Yes, I read the series. No, I didn’t care for it. Yes, I have read WAY better BDSM books than that junk. *I can loan you a few if you’d like.* While reading this series, I had to put it down several times because it made me ragey. To the point that I would be mad for days before I could pick it back up again. (If you didn’t know already, I am a survivor of domestic violence so I can vouch between abuse and BDSM.) The character of Christian Grey is an abuser. I loathe him. Mr. Grey is nothing like my husband who is a Dominant in many aspects yet has never HURT me in an abusive manner. My husband has never followed me in secret nor controlled what I do or who I hang out with, unlike Mr. Grey to Ana. My husband has NEVER disrespected me. Ever. The way 50 Shades is written, Christian Grey coerces Ana into being his victim. She is not a submissive. She is essentially an escort being bought by Mr. Grey with a flashy car, the use of his helicopter, and all of his wealth. For the longest time I couldn’t put my finger on why I didn’t enjoy this series. I knew it rubbed me the wrong way but I was lacking the vocabulary on why. Then I came across this from the Canadian Victims Rights page. It finally all made sense. Christian Grey is my ex-husband. An abuser. A traumatized man. Someone who needs serious help. I stayed away from BDSM themed books for a long time. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around it. Even though I dabbled in it with my ex and enjoyed it, after he tried to kill me, it made me question every decision I ever made with him. Was I forced to be restrained? Did I actually enjoy it or was it coercion? Am I the screwed up one? So many questions. Until I read the Rescue Me Series by Kallypso Masters a few weeks ago. Oh. My. God. Talk about someone who does their research. After finishing Nobody’s Perfect (#3) I finally realized that I did enjoy some BDSM aspects and that it is therapeutic for me, much like for Savi (main female character). 

So no you can’t accurately compare BDSM with 50 Shades because Mrs. James blatantly disregards the first rule of BDSM (Safe, Sane, & Consensual) throughout her story. Trust. Communication. Honesty. Those are my three in my sexual relationship. I trust that my husband will keep me safe. Communication that I am in the right frame of mind at the right moment to enjoy our encounter. Lastly, honesty that I’m going into that particular moment willingly and of my own accord. Once people can start to understand these aspects then they can distinguish crap like 50 Shades and real BDSM relationships.


First off it is none of your damn business what goes on in anyone’s marriage but your own. The fact that all these Christian bloggers, ministers, and whatever else are going around telling people what they can and can’t read because “God says so” need to reevaluate their own priorities. The part that irks me beyond anything else is that “they” (the overtly religious) ASSUME that no one can have a healthy marriage while reading romance, and *gasp* BDSM too. In fact, for some, it can help a marriage. For us personally we are secure enough in our marriage and our own self-worth that we use romance novels and “porn” as tools to keep our relationship alive and heated. Sometimes I may come across a scene in a book that sounds like fun and try it out on my husband, and he loves it. Or the day he read an article in a “men’s magazine” that gave him an idea to bring to the bedroom. I was pleasantly surprised and willing. While reading yet another blog post chastising a spouse’s choice in reading material it dawned on me that many people have huge insecurities they can not get past. It seems this very way with Mrs. Haley Smith in her post The Problem with 50 Shades of Grey while she thoroughly paints a picture of a man doing what the secular woman would by fawning over a fictional character. Then she ends the scene with this:

“Imma tell you right now. If that ever happened to me, The Man would wake up by a punch to the throat and see that he doesn’t have any eyebrows left cause I had shaved them off in his sleep. Straight up! Some of ya’ll are thinking that’s violent and crazy and that I need Jesus. You. Are. Right.”

Oooooook. First off this tells me that there are some underlying self-esteem issues within yourself that you are irate and jealous over a fictional character. Someone who doesn’t exist. Reality check honey. There is a real someone out there better than you. It’s just a matter of whether your husband would meet said hypothetical person in his lifetime. Here’s a tip. As long as you keep him happy in bed and in your marriage, I doubt he’ll go seeking comfort elsewhere. You don’t think children fantasize about different parents because their own parent is being “mean” or “unfair”? That’s life. It’s what we as humans do.

THE BEST response I have seen to date on this discussion was from a “Lissa” on PureFreedom’s I’m Not Reading 50 Shades of GreyThis is Lissa’s response:

@Dannah Thank you for your well thought out response. I appreciate how much time and effort you put into these responses. But I’m not happy with your condemnation of the term “BDSM”

Your thoughts on what is commonly referred to as “BDSM” are intensely skewed.

I am far from a feminist, but I DO believe that God looks at me as a beautiful child, a person of worth, worth sacrificing a great deal for. If I for one moment felt that this aggressive style of relations (note that I did not say “relationship”. It does not define our marriage.) made me less of a person, or if my husband thought less of me during these interactions, it would cease to happen.

I don’t really expect you to understand, because unless you have natural tendencies toward this, it is easy to see it on par with abuse and rape. That is exactly what it is NOT. My point was only that scripture doesn’t even come close to addressing the issue, and so to condemn it is ridiculous. I am well aware of the example our Lord set for us when He walked this earth. I find so many of those qualities is my husband – his Christlikeness was what drew me to him in the first place. And none of the verses you quoted about him relate to BDSM in any way.

Bondage: My husband does not capture me and tie me up against my will. The bondage of sin ,which Christ freed me from, is not at all comparable to being tied up for pleasure.

Dominance: What essentially happens in our bedroom is that I hand over power to my husband for an amount of time. But in the end, I have the final say over what happens. Anything out of my comfort zone doesn’t. Period. It is commonly known as a “power exchange”. It is an illusion. My husband does not become a tyrant.

Sadism/Masochism: These words are not as black as you make them sound. In a rapist, yes, sadism is a dark word. In a consenting marriage, they go hand in hand, and are not ugly at all. My desire for pain and his willingness to give it to me (in a safe, controlled environment) bring us both pleasure. It is beautiful, not evil.

BDSM is NOT rape and torture. That is a common misconception amongst people whose tastes do not turn that way, and that is unfortunate. You don’t have to practice it. Just don’t condemn it.

But again, I don’t understand how you can put a limit on something that is so beautifully intimate between two people. Why can you decide that what is pleasurable for both a man and a woman inside the bedroom, what is consensual, what is monogamous, and what is often precedented or followed by prayer and thanks for the gifts God has given us, is wrong? I’m not exactly certain how that is different from early missionaries telling converts in heathen society that certain sexual positioning is unpleasing to God, or that sex is purely for conception of children.

When it is done correctly, BDSM can be a very healthy part of a Christian marriage. It is clearly not for you or your husband, but that does not make it wrong.


I apologize for this long winded post but I was so sick of people telling me that because I chose a particular way to enjoy my life that is not harming others and that is agreed upon with my spouse, that I am going to hell or eventually getting divorced or feeding the problem. When you have actually been sexually and physically abused you find whatever you can to help you get through the traumatic memories. For some of us it’s through BDSM, while others it’s drugs/alcohol/religion/etc. I’d rather have the BDSM thank you. You can keep your perfect God fearing marriage with your vanilla husband that you probably only use the missionary position for and I’ll keep my protective Alpha-male who rips my clothes off and makes me feel like a princess yet is willing to explore anything new to keep our love strong. If your relationship works for you that’s fine but keep your damn mouth shut about mine. If you don’t want to read a book or watch a movie or whatever that makes you feel icky then don’t but please stop telling everyone else what they need to do with their life.

Yours Truly,

An Abuse Survivor Who Thrives on Adrenaline & Pain While Reading Any Romance Novel I Can Get My Hands On 🙂

Our New Hospital Sure is Pretty

The other morning while at work I felt “not right.” Something was amiss. I got light headed while sitting at my desk, then my pulse started racing. I got my phone out & used the stopwatch feature to take my pulse. It was a little high for my normal. The only way to describe it was to say that it felt like I drank two energy drinks back to back. (In addition to that, the last few nights when I’ve gotten up in the middle of the night I’ve been light headed, & I’ve been waking up with headaches.) I told Mike I was gonna go by the fire station by my work & have them run my vitals just to see what was up. I dropped in feeling all kinds of embarrassed to ask but I refused to go to Walgreens or somewhere equivalent because I don’t trust those crap machines by the pharmacy. (Do they even have those any more?) Of course the guys at the station were sweet as can be, hooked me up, added a 12-lead (measures your heart rhythms), and ran my vitals a few times while I described how I felt. Luckily, they said my heart looked great but to get some blood work just in case. They were concerned & told me not to play it off. I got back to work, scanned my strip (the paper that gets printed out of your heart rhythms), and emailed it to Mike since he was on shift to see if it was worth going. He said to be safe rather than sorry and go anyways. I groaned a bit but decided to drive to the new hospital since its not nearly as busy yet. I was seen right away to get hooked up and tested. Long story short I’m “fine” and according to my bloodwork in excellent health. Ugh. They are chalking it up to stress. Excuse for a massage? I think so. 😉

Anyways the point of the story is I wasted $150 for a doctor to tell me to stop stressing out. Plus the staff at the new hospital are phenomenal & I was in/out in two hours! Definitely going back if we ever need anything.

*Thanks to New Braunfels FD & Resolute Hospital for exceptional professionalism and quick responses.

Anniversary BBQ Roadtrip

This year Mike and I are celebrating four years of marriage together. Sadly this year has some crazy job related junk going on that is preventing us from vacation until the end of the year (hopefully), so we decided to do a little “stay-cation” instead. We have lived in Texas for decades and haven’t really explored some of the off the beaten path bar-b-que places yet. I suggested we do a small “BBQ Roadtrip” around the Hill Country. He was game. I mean seriously its bbq, doesn’t take much to convince him. I asked around to some friends and made a list. Said list:

We mapped out our course the night before to be most efficient. Decided to do breakfast at our FAVE place in New Braunfels before we left JUST IN CASE those lines were unpleasant. No joke if you are EVER in New Braunfels this is the place for breakfast, the wait is worth it. (The lunch not so much. The breakfast always.) It’s called Union Street Station and its in between the two Schlitterbahn parks by a traffic light. Soooooo good.

Luling City Market
4/5 Stars
*Brisket moist but not falling apart, easy to eat.
*Pork ribs crispy on the outside, very lean
*Sausage moist, tasteful
*Dont go at lunch, seating fills up fast
*Cash only
*Non-franchised so its authentic with lots of love put into it
*Minus a star for the staff at the drink/side station. May have been it was already noon & it had been open since 7am. Seemed less than enthused to be serving people.

Black’s BBQ- Lockhart
5/5 Stars
*Mike likes the brisket best, cut was thicker & very moist.
*Wider variety of side dishes (black eyed peas, potato salad, deviled eggs, spanish rice, cole slaw, mac n chz, etc)
*Staff was very friendly & willing to explain the ordering process to guests
*Expansive selection of meat ( 3 types of ribs, turkey, chicken, pork loin, brisket), also available in sandwich forms
*little pricey (1/2# brisket, 1/2# baby back ribs, 1/2# turkey, two servings of sides was about $40)

Twisted X Brewery- Dripping Springs
2/5 Stars
*Two stars for service & price
*$14 to sample all 7 beers
*The bartenders were pleasant & helpful in making selections
*The beer itself was ehhhhh
*Mike has tried beers all over the world & was not impressed with any of them
*If you happen to go because you’re in a group get the Raspberry Hefeweizen. Best option.
*The ambiance was good, considerable amount of seating


Salt Lick BBQ- Dripping Springs
4/5 Stars
*Service was quick & efficient
*Much better than the Round Rock location
*Brisket was cut a little thin
*The plate pictured is “The Rancher” includes brisket/sausage/turkey/rib and beans/potato salad/cole slaw. I got a turkey sandwich with the same sides.
*Total $29 without tip. Not too bad.
*More for the atmosphere than the food.


Did I tell you that my Type-A self totally thought ahead & brought a thermal bag with us to put our leftovers in while we kept going? I’m a genius, I know. Kept the dope ride from smelling like bbq throughout the day too. *self high five* on that one. We got home, unloaded, realized we would be eating leftovers for DAAAAAAYS, then ordered pizza. HA! I KID. I totally heated up pork ribs & chopped it up into some mac ‘n cheese for dinner a few hours later. It was unbelievably delicious. Tomorrow is brunch at a Czech place in Boerne. Very pleased with our plans this year. Can’t wait to see what our five year holds!!

*All names of bbq joints will eventually be linked to my Yelp reviews also in case you need more details.