Introverts Unite!

Last night I was quietly working on putting shift days into my 2015 Plum Paper Planner when I made a comment to my husband saying “I secretly love that our jobs require us to work holidays.” (He is a firefighter/EMT, and I recently accepted a job as a dispatcher.) This year he happens to be working both Christmas day and New Year’s Eve. I’m not sure what I’m working yet because my schedule isn’t set like his is. Anyway the point was that I made this comment and he then turns to me and says “You know I’ve been wondering about that lately. Do you miss that?”

I asked him, “Miss what?”

He replies with “You know, the holidays. Events. That kind of stuff.”

I reply- “Hell no! This… *motions to us sitting in bed together while he’s playing video games on his laptop, while I washi my planner and color code* All of this is what I love. Do you know how draining it is going to holiday events and maintaining small talk with random people? Or having to put on uncomfortable clothing for someone else’s benefit? Nope. I like this *our life, our schedules* just the way it is. Why do you ask?”

He says- “I was just thinking about it the other day and didn’t know if you felt like we were missing out on anything with friends and family.”

Sometimes I think he forgets that I grew up in a LEO family (dad was a cop) and that I’m used to not putting stock into celebrating on ACTUAL holidays. Our family tradition was to open gifts on Christmas Eve because my dad worked the day shift on Christmas. Same applied to Thanksgiving. I just don’t care about that kind of stuff. It’s not high on my priority list. PLUS we tend to be the ones volunteering to work holidays because it means overtime pay. Seriously. We are usually the ones who will take a shift for someone because they want it off for their kids or whatever. Hells yes. Give us all the overtime. I also have a feeling whenever we decide to have our own kids that we’ll probably go on vacation during major holidays. Why not?

The point of this post was that no I don’t “miss” crap like that. It’s not my thing. I love our life the way it is. As crazy and unconventional as it may be. It’s ours.

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