Through the Looking Glass

As part of our Spring purge I took on the task of FINALLY organizing my picture collection. I used to scrapbook pretty religiously & printed out oodles of pictures through the years. After being printed they sat in boxes on the bookshelf waiting to be assembled into a grand masterpiece. For years. Of course school and work took precedence and my scrapbooking got put on an indefinite hold. Im hoping that by getting pictures and supplies into a system, I’ll be able to pick up my hobby again. The other night we stopped by Michael’s to pick up this nifty photo case that happened to be 40% off also. Its one big case that holds sixteen smaller 4×6 cases.


It took me about two and a half hours to sort through all the photos while watching Hulu. It was kind of fun reminiscing about old friends and finding gems like this:


Yeah thats Mike. About 1994-ish. He’s 18 or 19 in that picture with his pride and joy Mustang. Damn he’s a good lookin man. I’m sooooo keeping him.


And then there’s this. Me. Junior or senior year in high school. Yeah that’s about all I’m giving out. On either of us.

This is the end product. Used some washi tape to label the small boxes by year or event. I like it for now. It’ll do. Now if only I could get a hold of those shoeboxes in the closet Mike won’t let me touch… They are seriously driving my Type-A up the wall being in a haphazard mess. Ugh. He has to work sometime… 🙂



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