We Met in a Bar

So we met in a bar. Fareal. No joke. Let’s take a walk down memory lane to August 2007.

I was working at Buffalo Wild Wings as an Assistant Manager. The night we kind of met, Mike came to BWW with his buddies to celebrate a birthday. I had mentioned to my bartender on shift that he was really handsome. (Only after he took off his hat and I noticed he had salt n pepper hair. HAWT! Also, while walking past to the kitchen I noticed he was wearing a Big Red One t-shirt. MUCHO HAWT!!) She said the buddies came in all the time but he was new and she didn’t recognize him. I asked her how old she thought he was. She thought 31, I said 29. Bet accepted. Whoever lost did the bar dishes at the end of the night. She went over to the table and told the guys about the bet. Well if I wasn’t the one to do the damn dishes that night. Shit. (Mind you I was 20 and trying to get out of my shitty marriage at the time.) Towards the end of the night, with a more than a few beers in the guys, and I’m at the bar scrubbing pint glasses, one of the buddies comes up to the bar top:

Buddy- Slides a cocktail napkin towards me. “Here’s my friend’s number. He’s too shy to ask you out.”

Me- Completely shocked but impressed. “Ok. Thanks!”

I’m not one to be all “Well he needs to call me. I’m a lady. blah blah blah” I took the number. I texted him the next afternoon. He asked me out to float the river with his friends, I sadly declined, prior commitments. I suggested a lunch date in a few days. He accepted. Texas Roadhouse was our first date. I made sure to wear a top that was very suggestive. hehe We meet up on our first date and the server comes by to take our order.

I boldly say, “6 oz sirloin, mashed potatoes, and a ceasar salad to start. Your turn.”

He gives me this look like “What the….” That’s right I ordered steak and mashed potatoes. You don’t mess with a Texas girl and her food. And this is where I slowly reeled him in over the next few weeks. We finished lunch, I hugged him bye and we went home separately. We texted, he came to see me at BWW, we watched football together (another point for me even though we are a house divided), we had many debates with harmless bickering, shared a love for sarcasm… The list goes on.

Sadly we only got about two weeks to ourselves before The Incident occurred and our relationship was put on a sudden halt. While I spent a week in the hospital, he was there everyday by my side when he wasn’t working. (Told ya I reeled him in. hehe) That is the start of our story. Around that time is when I picked up blogging. I was pissed a lot of the time and blogging helped me sort out my thoughts without harming someone or something.

Below is our first official picture together when my mom officially approves of him to the world on Facebook.


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