Our REAL Rockwall Weekend

*Disclaimer: I’m writing this post on February 26th but I won’t publish this till after everything has been set in stone. 

Mike and I spent a 3 day weekend in Rockwall, TX with some close friends. (Rockwall is east of Dallas. I equate it what New Braunfels is to San Antonio. Distance, population, etc) We drove up Thursday night and stayed til Sunday morning. We told everyone it was just to get away for the weekend when in actuality Mike was taking the written test for Rockwall Fire Department Friday afternoon. Last fall Mike’s current department started stirring up some political drama. It was getting to the point of not knowing if he’d have a job by the time the next paycheck rolled around. We had been through this before and it took a toll on everyone. Since I was graduating with my bachelor’s in December Mike took a look on the TCFP website at the job postings. To his great surprise there was a posting for Rockwall which happens to be the same town our friends lived in. He texted me about this offer and asked what I thought. Without hesitation I told him to apply. What could it hurt? I also decided that I didn’t want to say anything publicly about this because it seems every time I get excited over something and tell people, it goes wrong. We told our friends Chris & Amy (that live in Rockwall), and a select few others. Then we waited.

And then the email came…

He got through! His application was selected to move on to the written test. He had to fill out a book of a background packet to bring with him to the test. We decided to make a weekend of it to see our friends while we were up there and possibly explore our future town. We drove up Thursday night after I got off of work. Friday morning Mike & I navigated to the nearest Planet Fitness so we could sweat out some anxiety and tension. Well… no one told us that the Garland South location is borderline ghetto. LoL I think we were the only white people in the whole gym. Yet, I felt completely comfortable there and we knocked out some exercises before lunch. We headed back to the house to shower and get ready for lunch with Chris who was working a half shift that day. After lunch we explored some of Rockwall until it was time to test. We took him to the testing center and then proceeded to do what women do best. SHOPPED! And… we’re bored. Well we were more anxious to see how it went and couldn’t focus on shopping. So we drove back to the testing center and sat in the parking lot.

And sat…

And sat…

And took a selfie…

*Amy & I waiting in the car while Mike finishes his written test*
Then they started trickling out! We found out Mike passed and was invited back to do the physical agility test next week! (I want to brag on my man here for just a second and say that he was #2 in the group that tested! #2! Ok I’m done. 🙂 ) One step down and three more to go! We should know by the first week of April if we’re moving or not. That evening we all met back up at the house and Chris made steaks (chicken for me) and we sat around bullshitting all night.
The next day was to relax. Sort of. Amy arranged for me to meet up with some of the Dallas-Fort Worth area of the Texas Fire Wives since I usually run the San Antonio/ Austin area. Lunch was at Goodfriend Beer Garden & Burger House (insert review here) where we decided to sit outside so that we weren’t distracting to the other patrons. (We later learned that wouldn’t have been possible since many people had brought their dogs with them. It definitely had an Austin vibe to it.) It was so exciting to finally meet so many women that I had interacted with on facebook for over a year! (Hopefully a few of them now know that I am in real life the same way I am online.)
*FIFTEEN ladies showed up for this event!! HOLY MOLY*
*(L->R Me, Samie, Amy, & Jennifer + cute bump*
Once we all gabbed for a few hours, a few of us decided to head to Emporium Pies (insert review here) for a lil something sweet. Holy wow. It was so yum! Same Austin-y vibe as the burger place.
*Heading out to Emporium Pies*
After the overload of estrogen, Amy & I went back to her place to meet up with the hubbies for dinner. They had gone out fishing while we were doing our thang and they were ready for some grub. We all freshened up, piled in and drove to a Cajun restaurant in Rockwall. Not so grand idea though… sitting on the patio with the lake breeze. *BRRRRRRRRRRR* We ate quickly and then got the hell outta there.

*Obligatory date night picture*
Right after dinner we were walking around on the pier deciding if there was a local coffee shop nearby when I spotted…
I looked at Mike and was like “OMG THERE ARE STORMTROOPERS DOWN THERE!!!” He didn’t believe me until he saw them and then we both insisted we go down and get pictures with them. Unfortunately our friends, whom we love dearly, may need to be educated on all six Star Wars movies next time we come to visit because they were fairly clueless for a minute there. *sigh* Poor souls. It was fun though. We got a picture then went to Starbucks for our dinner coffee then back to the house.
The next morning we got back on the road to head home and I’m chomping at the bits for this next month to fly by so we can see where our journey leads us. We/I are stuck at a standstill until we get the final ok. I can’t apply for jobs or put the house on the market or anything else that would keep my anxiety at ease. Pretty much all I can do right now is start purging the house, which if we end up staying put still helps with my Spring purge that I would’ve done anyways. We shall see what happens…
Update March 7th: Sadly, Mike went up the next week to do the physical agility test and did not pass. I will not go into details other than I think the format of the test was complete… whatever. They could have proceeded in a more efficient manner but that’s their loss. Just like any small town it’s all about who you know and how to rub elbows best. We’ve taken it in stride and now that our hindsight is 20/20 we realize it was a blessing in disguise. Now we are moving on to Option B and seeing where it takes us. Just because one door was shut doesn’t mean something even more awesome isn’t waiting for us. We are staying put and dealing with everything being thrown our way. Every day is a new day!

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