Review: BlenderBottle GoStak

Remember when I went “Beast Mode” on my blender bottle the other day?
(Don’t know what Beast Mode is? Google it. It’ll provide some laughs.)
Anyways, I posted that picture on instagram with the hashtag “blenderbottle” and perused through other peoples’ pictures in hopes that I wasn’t the only person who managed to destroy one of these. Yeah not so much. BUT I did come across THIS!!! What is this you may ask? OH MY GOD it’s pure genius. Well not really. I think there’s a baby food/ formula/ something or other similar to this before but the point of the matter is it’s specifically made for people who workout and consume supplements. It’s called a GoStak and it’s made by the company Blender Bottle.
Specifically for this reason:
Anyone who has come into contact with a person who “bulks” or uses the gym frequently know that there are oodles of supplements to consume after putting your body through rigorous exercise. That bag above is what I like to refer to as the “Mary Poppins Bag of F*ckin Supplements.” It’s seriously ridonkulous the junk that people carry around with them. Take Mama Laughlin for example, at this post here, she carries a purse, a workout bag, a food bag, etc. My husband is the same way. He has his Mary Poppins bag, his overnight at the FD bag, his laptop bag, and sometimes a bag for all his bedding.
OH MAH LAWD with all the bags!!
No. Unacceptable. Just no.
In the Mary Poppins bag he carries: protein powder, instant carbs, BCAA (branch chain amino acids), Beta-Alaline, and preworkout powder.
I personally think this is frickin ridiculous. You need one powder for BEFORE you work out, THREE powders during workout, and then FOUR powders AFTER you workout. Geezus it’s so frickin complicated. Seriously. I’m not carrying around all that sh*t with me and THEN let’s add that I can’t use his protein powder because I’m on a “non-red meat” diet so whey/casein protein makes me sick. Like legit sick. Therefore I have my OWN GIGANTO tub of protein powder and my FemFire… Are you seeing where this is going?
I ordered my GoStak starter pack online with the 4 varying sizes. The cool part about the GoStak is it fits into a blender bottle for compact transportation. (Once the shaker bottle is all gross and dirty though, I’m just SOL because I’m not putting it into a dirty bottle.) Here is the GoStak broken down so you can see the height/size comparison to a 750mL Camelbak Eddy waterbottle.
*(L->R) 150cc, 100cc, 60cc, & 40cc, plus removable handle*
First up is preworkout mix in the 40cc (tiniest jar). I used one scoop of FemFire preworkout mix with one scoop of soy protein powder. I used the scoop from the FemFire container for a 1:1 ratio because the FemFire alone made me lighteheaded so I’ve been adding this for a little substance on my stomach. Technically you are supposed to take preworkout on an empty stomach but it doesn’t bode well for me so this does the trick.
*One scoop FemFire*
*One scoop of Soy protein powder using FemFire scoop*
Next up is the protein shake WHILE you are working out in the 100cc jar. I really despise the taste of my soy protein powder so I’m exploring some different options. I picked up this egg white one in vanilla. (I’m saving the time and energy it would take on a review to say soy isn’t as bad as I thought it was. YUCK.) Anyways, this little jar is one serving of protein powder, one scoop of BCAA, and one scoop of Beta-Alanine. It took a few tries to figure out what all would fit in each jar so if you are sifting things back and forth, big jar, no wait small jar, shit not big enough… Don’t feel bad. We did it too. Pictured below is all three in the 100cc jar ready to roll. (It still had a bit of room on top if you needed to add a little something else.)
*Tip: There’s this amazing thing called WASHI TAPE, it’s removable masking tape that’s PRETTY! Don’t judge. I’m still a Type-A, OCD, Planner, girl at heart and needed a way to label without putting permanent marker directly onto the containers. If I change up protein powders and the scoop is bigger/smaller then I can use the jar for something else. LOVE that I had washi to label my jars. So stinking cute!
*One scoop protein, one scoop BCAA, one scoop Beta-A*
Lastly, is the post-workout shake. I used the 150cc jar (biggest one) because the carb and soy scoops are HUGE. (Oh it fit. Don’t you worry.) Like the label says, you should drink this shake about 45 mins after your workout. At least that’s what Mike tells me and he’s been doing this for a while so I trust him. Why? How? What does it all do? I don’t frickin know. I just drink what he tells me to and hope it’s not poisoned. HA! I kid. Well sometimes I wonder…
*One 1/2 scoop of instant carbs, one HUGE scoop of soy protein powder, one tiny scoop of BCAA, & one tiny scoop of Beta-A*
TA-DA!! Isn’t it TOOT? I love it. Seriously. All of those containers down to one tower the size of a blenderbottle. Don’t you worry. I’ll be ordering a blue one for Mike as soon as I can stash some funds aside. I may order some more of the 40cc ones so we can put our vitamins (multi, fish oil, etc) on top of the preworkout jar. I plan on having one tower of jars for workout powders and another (possibly pink) tower for snacks like hummus, fruit, nuts, etc. They are dishwasher safe and BPA free in case you are wondering. I know it’s nice to have that information also.

2 thoughts on “Review: BlenderBottle GoStak

  1. Liz @ Fitness Blondie

    Oh girl, I know. It's ridiculous all the things you can add to your regiment. It can get crazy expensive and it's just too much to handle. I take a pre workout pill (I don't like take powders) then after I take my branch chained amino acids and glutamine in the form of pills as well, so my muscles can properly recover, and that's it. I'll of course have some type of lean protein 45 minutes after as well, but it isn't always shakes. But I love how you have everything labeled and organized out for you. You are so dedicated and I love to see other people who share my passion as well. Hope we can become friends! xo

  2. Mike & Wren

    Haha thanks for stopping by!! I may have to switch some of them to pill form because I feel so fat & unattractive after drinking all those shakes within 2 hours. Seriously my stomach is not that big. The organization keeps me from getting crazy beast mode overwhelmed! So many powders. So many machines/weights. AHHHHHHHHHHHH. I'll drop by your place too and see if we can bounce some ideas off of each other!


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