Blender Bottle Beast Mode

You see what happened was…
I went a little “beast mode” on the blender bottle before going to the gym yesterday. We had to switch things up and go after work instead of in the morning like usual, so I took my preworkout/ protein powder mix in my lunch bag for later. All the blender bottles had been washed the night before and this one was fresh from the dishwasher. I pull up to the gym and am about unscrew it to pour my water into the bottle when my hand gets caught on it. Then I look closer and there’s a frickin crack in it!!! Like if I had shaken it, preworkout mix would have been ALL OVER the car. Mike said it was a new bottle. I think it was a knockoff one. Piece of junk. Mike was on his way to meet me at the gym and luckily when I called he hadn’t left the house yet and brought me a spare lid. YAY! 
He got to the gym and I showed him what happened. His response? “You shouldn’t have gone all beast mode on it and we’d still have nice things.” Hmph. Whatever. I still got my workout in and knocked out my sets like a champ. Even if I whined a little bit during dumbbell flyes and the lying tricep extensions. (I always feel like I’m going to drop/whack myself in the face laying down.) 
I posted the picture on instagram with #blenderbottle. I was sifting through the hashtag and came across this picture. I laughed. Yeaaaaaaaaah we’re so on our way to being that couple. Now if I can get Mike into the habit of not hoarding the bottles in his truck and bringing them inside to wash then we’ll be good to go. I swear it’s like finding matching socks to get a blender bottle around here! 

I’ll be shopping for new fancy girly blender bottles today after work. LOTS of pink and orange may deter him. HA! Who am I kidding he sports a Thirty-One red fru-fru bag to carry all his protein powders in. Oh well. I think if we have 14 bottles one for each of us for each day of the week, we MAY be ok in that department. Stay tuned for more beast mode shenanigans!!


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