World Hijab Day 2014

A few months ago I came across a website saying Feb 1st is World Hijab Day. Basically trying to spread awareness that wearing a hijab is a choice among MOST women. My view is that, for Muslim women at least, we can accept their choices even we don’t agree with it especially in America. Now don’t get me wrong I do think there are women in their native countries that are oppressed and not given a choice in how much to cover or how to act. Hell I know that there are people in America that still abide by the extremist views of their native homelands & there is oppression here BUT all the women who CHOOSE to cover because of their own convictions should not be judged. Think about it this way, the Amish are nearly as conservative with their dress and traditions and Americans consider it a novelty. What about Catholic nuns? They wear practically the same outfit and are just as dedicated to their faith yet they are revered. Seriously?  How asinine.

All of these reasons are why I chose to put on a hijab for today. Being a feminist doesn’t stop at white privileged American women wanting equal pay in the workforce. Its equality for all women worldwide. I view feminism as giving women the choice to not agree with something and be able to walk away from it without being persecuted. Feminism is also the ability as a woman to say that she loves her traditions and heritage, choosing to continue them with her family and not be persecuted for it.

Maybe its because I took a few anthropology classes and fell in love. Why are Americans so hung up in converting everyone to the “traditional American viewpoints”? Leave people be. That’s what makes our country as beautiful as it is. Why people seek out to come here. Yet we are the most intolerant,  bigoted, racist, cruelest mindset of the “free” countries. How hypocritical. Sometimes I feel ashamed to be an American and I’m beyond patriotic.

Unfortunately I didn’t have plans for today except to sit on my butt and veg on tv shows and my book stack but I did take this picture to show my support of the fellow woman no matter her choice of religion or clothing. Hopefully next year I’ll actually have plans and get to wear this out and about. LoL hopefully next year I’ll know how to put it on better too.


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