Review: Thermovex Pre-workout

 The other day I posted about Mike throwing me onto the “preworkout” supplement bandwagon with this Review on FemFire. After taking FemFire, I basically felt like I had consumed a handful of B vitamins with a cup of coffee. I was juiced all day long. Not in a crazy cracked out way but I wasn’t dragging ass either. It was nice for a change.
Today was my second sample from NutriShop called Thermovex. The guy at the store said to drink half of it by the time I started my workout and then drink the rest while exercising. I filled up the small shaker with water and added the one scoop. I drank half of it while driving to the gym and the other half while doing chest sets. I never got a kick like I did with the FemFire. I barely broke a sweat like normal sans a preworkout drink. In all honestly, I didn’t fee like it did much for me. At least with the FemFire I could feel myself give that extra push to finish a set. Needless to say it was ehhhh. I mean seriously the FemFire gave me enough to talk about that I had a long drawn out post about it. This one the taste was good though. It was a little on the sweet side but it dissolved pretty well in water from the fridge. It was ok. I’m thinking I may go ahead and buy the FemFire and test it out to see if it helps with results. Hopefully in 6 months I can trim some of this fluff off. Stay tuned!
*Thermovex Preworkout*

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