2014 is the Year for Change

Starting the year off right by finally dedicating myself to the gym and abiding by my vegetarian eating habits. As of right now I’m following Jim Stoppani’s “Shortcut to Size” program with a few tweaks. First, I’m only doing upper body workouts which means I skip Day 4 and go onto the next week. This is not because I’m afraid of leg day. Well… maybe a little. No no I kid. It’s honestly because I don’t know jack shit about working out and I’m wanting to focus on one thing at a time. Right now I’m only lifting in between 5-20 pounds depending on the exercise and I am taking my time to learn proper technique for each exercise. I would like to get to the point that 1) I can read off my exercises without having to ask Mike to show me each one again because I forgot how to do it and 2) that I can eventually go to the gym on my own when he’s on shift because I can do all the exercises from memory. Right now I’m about 50/50 when I do the day’s workout. Like today I did all but one that I had to YouTube because I couldn’t remember the form for it. Once I can accomplish this then I’ll tackle legs. One thing at a time. The other tweak I made to Jim’s program is I nix the “rest-pause” part for now. Like I said I’m focusing on form and consistency and don’t want to do the “rest-pause” and hurt myself in the process.

I finally caved and tried a few preworkout supplement samples from Nutrishop so I can maximize my time in the gym. I reviewed Thermovex and FemFire, I’m pretty certain FemFire is my keeper. Now I need to get back into my habit of making protein shakes for breakfast/lunch. Typically you are supposed to take the preworkout drinks on an empty stomach but it makes me lightheaded. Which normally this happens if I don’t eat something before I workout. Mike suggested I do the preworkout then as I’m working out to drink my protein shake so I don’t pass out or get sick. May need to play around with this and see what works.

Mike and I did our research to obtain healthy lifestyles and decided on the “Blood-Type Diet”. Mike is Type O and follows a diet similar to Paleo which is gluten free, fresh fruits/veggies, as much meat as he wants. Myself on the other hand, I am Type A which for all intents and purposes is a vegetarian, vegan if you follow it super strictly. I have since cut out all beef related products since last May and it’s made a big difference. I wanted to do one thing at a time to see if it helps or not. I have learned through this process that beef is HORRIBLE for me. Straight up cow anything makes me sick. My migraines have vanished, minus super stressful times like finals week which was unavoidable. I don’t feel nearly as bloated as I used to. With Mike cutting out gluten he’s looking and feeling a lot better also. Hopefully this year I can become more stringent about being a vegetarian and it’ll increase results with working out.

Below you will find a visual with some measurements. I like this so I can see how far I’ve come. If I can remember I’d like to do three month progression photos this year and then bump it to six months. If you’d like you can request to follow me on instagram too @herhero_hislady

Jan 2013 (didn’t get measurements at this time)
Mind you this is before I went beef free. I can definitely see how bloated I am from when I was eating red meat at least twice a week and cow’s milk for everything. I’m so glad I don’t fee like that anymore.

May 26, 2013

  • Stats:
    • Height:      5′ 6″ (ish)
    • Weight:     143 lbs
    • Bra size:    36D
    • Shirt Size:  M/L
    • Pants:        6/8
    • Dress:        6/8 or M/L
  • Measurements:
    • Upper Arms: 12 inches
    • Bust:            38 inches
    • Waist:           29 inches
    • Hips:            40 inches
    • Thighs:         23 inches
*May 2013*
*May 2013*
Jan 06, 2014 (items in bold are changes from last year)
  • Stats:
  • Height:        5′ 6″ (ish)
  • Weight:       140 lbs
  • Bra size:      36D
  • Shirt Size:    M/L
  • Pants:          4/6
  • Dress:         6/8 or M/L
  • Measurements:
  • Upper Arms: 13 inches
  • Bust:            37 inches
  • Waist:          28 inches
  • Hips:           39-40 inches
  • Thighs:         22 inches

2 thoughts on “2014 is the Year for Change

  1. Prudent Wisdom

    You go girl with the pics!! I have had my before setting in my file for months now, not that I am embarrassed of my body but I want to get the after pic first….I repeat the before is still sitting in my file 😉 Maybe your posts can keep me motivated to work out, lol. Good Luck!

    1. herherohislady Post author

      POST IT!!! I figured if my before is up there for the world to see then I HAVE to keep going because people will want an update. I can’t leave them hanging. 🙂 I’m not by any means a fitness fiend or guru but I hope that it can inspire people to just be healthy!


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