Review: FemFire Pre-Workout for Women

Ever since my husband got serious about his working out last year, he has acquired an assload of supplements to enhance his results. Last year I was doing really well about going to the gym with him and using Jim Stoppani’s “Shortcut to Size” routine until I got my ass handed to me with school and life. Which then caused me to take a six month hiatus from the gym. Now that I’ve graduated with my bachelor’s (link grad post here) and finished my EMT program, I have OODLES of time to get into the gym and focus on getting in shape before getting knocked up and destroying my body. *groan*Anyways, Mike has been trying to get me to use his “pre-workout” mix for months so I can go longer, faster, stronger in my workouts. I’ve always been hesitant because he called it “go-go juice” and said it made him feel like the squirrel in Over The Hedge.

Not my idea of a good time. I’ll admit I’m a caffeine addict so I can drink coffee and soda before bed and go straight to sleep. Yet, Mike is as well but if he says this stuff makes you tingly then awwww hell I’m not sure I’m down for this stuff. I posted on facebook the other day about finally caving to try it and a friend responded for me to do it because he wanted to read about my experience. So I said “challenge accepted” and went by Nutrishop to grab a few samples. They gave me FemFire and Thermovex to try out. This is my review on the FemFire Preworkout mix.
We usually go to the gym at eight in the morning because of the time he gets off shift and back into town. (Plus it’s January and you try going to the gym after work with the “5pm-New-Years-Resolution” people. No way in hell.) The guy at Nutrishop said to take the mix on an empty stomach because it works better that way. Well… today he happened to be off so we woke up later than usual and didn’t get to the gym til 10am which meant I hadn’t eaten since the night before. I was STARVING. Unfortunately, because of this, while I working out I started to feel extremely lightheaded and had to sit down a few times. Also, you are supposed to drink it about 15 minutes before you start so it’ll kick in on time but I waited til I started and it still did the job. I did mix mine with about 4 ounces of water and it still tasted kind of chalky. Will make sure to add more water next time. Yuck. Otherwise, it’s not too bad. It was a strawberry lemonade flavor so it tasted like a Crystal Light water enhancer.
I started my exercises. Today was shoulders & traps which aren’t as bad for me. Fair warning I’m still a newbie gymrat so I’m only lifting the five and ten pound dumbbells but once you get to that third or fourth set of 12-15… shit it hurts. I did notice that I wasn’t crapping out like I usually do. Not sure if that is due to muscle memory or the FemFire. The only part was the lightheaded feeling towards the end of my workout but I KNOW that’s because I hadn’t eaten.
Typically I’m not a sweater even after a strenuous workout. I just don’t sweat that much. This stuff though? I don’t know what’s in it but I was sweating after my first muscle group set. Holy shit. Upside? You know it’s working and you are burning a lot more calories than usual. Downside? Groooooooss. Seriously. Boob sweat. Neck sweat. Yuck. In response to that though, I HIGHLY encourage you double up the normal after workout water intake to make up for this stuff. It’s burning off the fat you can’t normally get to so you need to flush it out with an increased water intake. In the end I didn’t feel “jittery” per say. I did feel like I had a lot more to give though, so that was helpful. I’d use it again. I definitely didn’t have a crash later like I usually do after exerting so much energy without any supplements. Next workout is Thermovex. Keep a lookout for that review. :)Also I follow these two ladies on instagram for some great motivation if you’d like some inspiration: @dottie_731 and @mamalaughlin


*FemFire Preworkout*
*Update 01/07/2014: I bought a container of FemFire last night after the Thermovex gave me sub-par results. This morning Mike put a half scoop of protein powder in my FemFire mix and said to try that so I wouldn’t get lightheaded. It actually worked. I was able to push through the workout without having to sit and collect myself. I also didn’t sweat as much as if it was just the FemFire by itself. I’ll keep playing around with it and see what will be the most beneficial for my workouts. Keep ya posted!!
*FemFire w/ Scoop of Protein Powder*

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