Frequently Asked Questions

Questions I get asked online, and in my everyday life. Seriously. All. The. Time.

Family Life:

How did you meet your hero?
*In a bar. No lie. You can find it here.

How long have you been married, why are there no pictures of your wedding? 
*I have been married since 2010. We decided to elope while we were on vacation in Boston. No one knew that we were doing it except our bosses and my mother-in-law. We have a few pictures of that day but it was simple and quiet, just how we wanted it.

What’s it like being married to a Firefighter? 

*Considering he’s been a firefighter for all but 6 months of our relationship, it’s really all I know. We got together in August of 2007 and he finished the fire academy June of 2008. It was rough the first 6 months or so trying to get used to sleeping alone every 3rd night, handle all the housework by myself, and technically not seeing him for 36 hours at a time (since I work during the days). It slowly got easier. Well… I take that back, not easier because it’s still effing rough sometimes, it became a habit. Like I said it’s all I know. 
Why no kids, you’re nearing 30?
*Thank you Captain Obvious. I DO KNOW that I don’t have kids. dumbass. Shit. That was outloud. I mean OH! Thanks for asking. No, I’m not “trying” for kids anytime soon. No, I’m not all let’s-be-a-stay-at-home-mom-and-have-3-babies-all-18-months-apart. Not right now, at least. I’m finishing my degree. I’m enjoying being a wife to my man. I LOVE that I can travel and actually enjoy myself. I’m not in a rush to alter my life permanently. 
What is your religion/faith/beliefs?
*I was raised “Non-Denominational Christian” and my husband was raised “Catholic”. Neither of us are fond of organized religion and the hypocritical contradictions they exude to their followers. We are into the “Karma” theory. You get what you put into the world. I love to think outside the box and I’ve encountered over the years that organized religion likes to downplay their follows to think for themselves. I ask a lot of “why” or I play “devil’s advocate” and encourage others to see all sides to a circumstance. 
Why is your blog titled “Her Hero, His Lady”?
*When we first started dating I was still technically married. My ex-husband found out about “us” (in quotes because Mike & I were barely talking & hanging out with a group of friends) and assaulted me with hopes of killing me. While I waited for EMS to arrive, I called Mike and had him talk to me to keep me calm. He did all that and then some. This poor guy who had only known me for two weeks stuck it out by my side and has been my saving grace since then. He is my HERO in this crazy chaotic life. The “His Lady” part is because ever since the beginning he has referred to me as “my lady”. Whenever I would burp after an amazing meal he would reply with “That’s my lady!” Or I proceeded to ream someone’s ass for being an ignorant fool, “That’s my lady!” It all just made sense to name the blog that. Even after kids, and pets, and life changes, we will always still be “Her Hero, His Lady”.

What do you like to read?
*I love everything! Well except for Sci-Fi, it’s kind of boring to me. I mainly stick to romance, it’s easy for me to lose myself in a fairy tale of love. I do like non-fiction feminist literature though. I LOVE horror and drama also, the bloodier the better. You can find me on Goodreads to see what I’m reading at the moment.

You have beautiful skin, what do you do to keep it like that?
*Honestly? Not much. I wash my face in the morning with some Mary Kay creamy cleanser, then use the toner afterwards. Every once in a while I’ll go as far as the moisturizer with SPF, concealer, and mascara. That’s about it. If we are are going to an event that involves pictures then I’ll go MY full nine yards with eye shadow and eyeliner. I RARELY use any type of foundation simply because I hate the feel of make-up. It’s just ewww. Plus it’s a pain in the ass taking it all off before going to bed. I’m just too lazy to put it on or take it off, so I just don’t wear it. 🙂

Skin Part 2- You’re cheeks are so red. It’s like natural blush!
*Thanks again Captain Obvious! I mean, why yes they are! Hence my need to avoid make-up at all costs. You know how much make-up it takes to cover up the red on my cheeks? A LOT. Then I look like the the girls with the cake on their face and their inability to smooth the lines along their jaw. If you are going to use make-up on your WHOLE face, at least do it right. Again lazy issue for me. It’s too much work.

Why did you choose EMS after getting your bachelor’s in Business?
* ::sigh:: I had a quarter-life crisis. Don’t judge me. THIS is why I changed careers after working on my bachelor’s for six years.


What does it take to be a FF?
*Well for Texas:

  1. Start off by figuring out do you want to work in a big city department or a small rural department? 
    • Big City- check with the particular department you are interested in and see what their hiring process is. For example, San Antonio will ONLY accept you if you have gone through their academy BUT Austin is known to have a “Fast-Track” program for people who already have their certifications.
    • Rural- Most of the time there are community college academies you can attend to get  your certifications and they will accept those (i.e. San Antonio College, South Hays, Austin Community College, etc). 
  2. Figure out where you are going to get your certifications and start applying or putting your name on the waiting list. These are the certifications you need to even apply to most departments:
    • Firefighter 1
    • Firefighter 2
    • HazMat Awareness
    • Hazmat Operations
  3. The last step is getting your EMT certification (Emergency Medical Technician for the newbies). THIS part is a pain in the ass in Texas. Multiple step process in this order! 
    • In Texas, in order to be a firefighter, you HAVE to be a minimum of an EMT-Basic (now transitioning to be called just EMT) in addition to your fire certifications.
    • You can either take your EMT class before or after the fire academy, it doesn’t really make a difference except in hiring quickness. 
    • Find an accredited EMT program, complete it, take your National Registry exam. 
    • You have to be a nationally registered EMT first. THEN you take your national registry card and send in the paperwork to Texas Dept of State Health Services
    • Then you wait. Texas tends to jerk people around at this point, so be VERY patient and sweet as honey. 
  4. Once all this is completed you are ready to start applying. Now some departments require certain physical capabilities and that varies greatly. You’ll have to do your research. Start eating right and exercising if you haven’t already. It’ll help when you have to climb the 300 foot ladder truck decked out in full gear, or when you’re dragging that 200 pound dummy across the yard. Hopefully since you completed your fire academy you’ll already be able to do most of this.
  5. If going the rural department route, start volunteering at multiple departments. Get your face out there and establish your work ethic. Hate to say it but in the rural departments, it’s all about WHO you know, not WHAT you know. Which can be both good and bad. 
  6. If looking into a federal/state position, sometimes the state departments like Texas Forestry Service requires a four year degree for some positions. The Department of Defense (federal) for a basic firefighter is to also have Hazardous Materials TECHNICIAN, which is another 3 month-ish course. 

Hope this helps on your journey!! If you have more questions, leave them below and I’ll try my best to find an answer.


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