30 Before 30

Throughout the years I had kept a mental list of things I wanted to accomplish throughout my life. Then I started getting more specific about what I wanted or aimed for. My list is still short of 30 but I’ve got another few years to add to it. Some of them are linked to blog posts I did for those actual topics. ENJOY!!

  • Find and marry my “soulmate” (or now known as my “swolemate” BWAHAHAHA)
  • Amusement Park (w/ Mike, particularly roller coasters)
  • Buy a family car (Nissan Rogue Dec 2012)
  • Rescue a dog (x2: Lela & Bradley)
  • Get a tattoo (x2: DV Ribbon & Coordinates)
  • Wait til I’m 25 before having kids (No kids yet but I’m past 25!)
  • Get my Bachelor’s degree (WOOOO HOOOOO)
  • Buy a house
  • Find a “grown up” job
  • Bake a cake from scratch
  • Ride a motorcycle
  • Become a certified EMT
  • Seattle
  • Grand Canyon
  • Washington DC
  • See the Amish
  • Go Skiing/snowboarding
  • Visit the Love Lock Project in Oregon (replica of the love lock bridge in Paris)
  • Ride out with… Fire, EMS, PD
  • Travel
    • Car (Roadtrip 2013)
    • Plane (Boston vacation)
    • Boat (Cruise 2012)
    • Train
    • Internationally (Been to Mexico & Canada)

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