Road Trip 2013- Drive Day/ New Orleans Day 1

ON THE ROAD AGAIN!! I awoke with more excitement than I could contain. We were determined to hit the road at 8am and we pretty much did. Packed up the car with our duffle bags, a cooler, a Thirty-One medium utility tote (the red one below, filled with snacks and dry stuff), pillows/blanket, beach chairs, and all my entertainment for eight hours!
The trunk very carefully organized and packed up. We honestly didn’t have much to take with us.
The first stop on ANY vacation we go on is to Whataburger for a BOB (breakfast on a bun), and coffee of some sort. Then we ALWAYS stop at Buc-ee’s in Luling if we are traveling on I-10E. Even though Mike constantly pointed out that we have a Buc-ee’s in New Braunfels now, it’s not the same. You HAVE to stop at the one in Luling, TX. IT’S TRADITION DAMMIT!!  
Here we are one hour into the eight hour drive to New Orleans. It’s all fun and games for now. I posted this picture on facebook and everyone kept commenting on how focused he appeared. I just like snapping pictures without him knowing. 🙂 Geez he’s so handsome. Ok I’m off my admiration soap box.
Here’s the Houston skyline, which means we are three hours into the trip. Still haven’t killed each other!! WOOO HOOO! This is my city. Legitimately. I was born here, well TECHNICALLY in Spring Branch, Houston, Texas. It’s like the equivalent to Alamo Heights in San Antonio, or Terrell Hills, or Olmos Park. We joke that it’s fate for Mike & I to be together since I was born in “Spring Branch” (Houston) and he’s a firefighter out in Spring Branch, TX (a fareal town north of San Antonio). Crazy ka-winky dink, right?
YAY! We have finally gotten out of Texas! The Louisiana border is about 4-5 hours from our house, depending on traffic. Which thankfully wasn’t bad at all on the way there. We stopped for lunch on the Louisiana side of the border. We joked that you know you are not in Texas anymore when the Tejano radio stations all of a sudden become Cajun music. Watch out!! THAT was fun to jam out to!
We FINALLY get into New Orleans around 4pm-ish. Ohhhh was that an effing blast. We had been doing fairly well with me navigating UNTIL we took the exit for the hotel. Apparently we were supposed to exit, get in the far left lane, and TURN RIGHT THERE! As he drives right past it… That is the point where we start to get frustrated because we’re tired, hungry, and in an idiotic town where every street is a one way. Grrrrrr. Needless to say we get our one good tizzy out of the way and proceeded to the hotel successfully. We dropped off all our junk, freshened up, and I pulled out the binder. I told him about a German restaurant around the corner called Jager Haus if he wanted to try it. Let’s just say he thoroughly enjoyed himself. After 2 liters of Hefeweizen and several trips to the potty, he was set for the night.
This was our dinner at Jager Haus; Mike had the reuben sandwich with sweet potato fries and I had meatloaf with asparagus and mashed potatoes. Both were DEE-LISH!

We sat down at the bench seat at the window of the restaurant so we could people watch while we ate and oh did we WATCH! And we all thought Austin was weird? HA! Oh you know… a parade going through town. No big deal. A little jazz, a few crazies, it’s all good.

After dinner we went back to the hotel bar for a drink and then up to our room. Yeah we’re old farts and crashed early but the Day 2 post explains why it was such a great idea to go to bed early. LoL Y’all are gonna LOVE that story.
New Orleans Part 2

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