Road Trip 2013

This road trip has been 8 months in the making and we are about to kill each other before hitting the road. I don’t know if it’s a combination of cashing in my good karma to make sure I’m not on my period for the trip or all the preparation going into this, we are both super stressed. Yeah yeah sorry for the TMI but since I’m not on any kind of birth control and was scheduled to start the week of our trip. I’m sure many of the women reading this know how UNCOOL that would have been. Anyways, needless to say that is no longer a stressor for the trip *wink* but all the other loose ends that need to be tied up are driving us insane. The usual packing, laundry before leaving, stocking up the fridge for my mom since she’s watching the furbabies for us, get my nifty road trip binder together, etc, it’s like it’s never ending. This is our fourth vacation together and I still get riled up the last few days before we leave. Maybe it’s my “Type-A/ non Type-A” tendencies, maybe it’s the fact that Mike is so fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants it drives me insane, I have no idea. I love the man to pieces but he can just wing it and I hate that. I’m such a planner and I freak out if I can’t get it all together. This post are the days leading up to our trip and how we manage not to kill each other before going on vacation.
All this week I’ve been putting together this binder so we have hotel confirmations, maps to miscellaneous places, lists of things to do in each location, and a general timeline of what to expect for the week.
*My OCD binder*
*The stack of books I’m packing for the drive and beach time*
*Our “first aid” kit. JUST in case. You NEVER know what’ll happen. I’m the kind of person to be over prepared opposed to unprepared*
*The pre-packing phase. Yes that stack on the bottom left corner is all swimsuits*
Quote of pre-vacation:
Me: Hey babe is the cooler out of the attic for the trip?

Mike: You mean the Yeti cooler we are buying on our way out of town?
Me: No. I am not buying you a $300 cooler for one roadtrip. Make sure the white one is in the garage for Saturday morning, please.

Silly man thinking he’s getting a Yeti cooler for our roadtrip. LoL only if it’s pink. Maybe when we have kids and have more crap to haul. Just not right now. 

Lots of cleaning: laundry, vacuuming, dishes, straightening the house, bathrooms. Unfortunately, no down time until Saturday when we leave. Even when we left the house Saturday I still felt like we got absolutely NOTHING done.
I get off of work at 3pm, my mom comes over, we get dinner, then grocery shop for her while we are gone, come home, finish packing. Attempt to sleep. EEEEEEEEEEEEK it’s almost here! Can barely contain myself and all the excitement. Must. Shut. My. Eyes. 
You can find the rest of the trip here:

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