Instantaneous Family. Just Add Water.

We had a fire family meet up this past weekend out at the Guadalupe River in New Braunfels. The event was hosted by Stop Drop & Roll With It our Texas fire wives group. I must say we have a great group of ladies on there. The event ended up being myself, Mike, Chris & Amy (a couple from Dallas), and Shannan (a wife from Houston) since the weather was kind of sketchy a lot of people decided not to venture out. No biggie we still had a blast. Let’s go over the recap of the weekend…


I woke up and let the doggies outside to start getting ready for work. After my shower I let them back in for breakfast when my baby girl, Lela, came in with a swollen snout. I couldn’t tell if it was the lighting in the kitchen with morning fogged up brain or if it was actually swollen. What the hell? I called Mike to the kitchen and told him to look at her and see if he noticed it too. He starts laughing and asks her “What did you get into?” I’m having a freak out at this point because we are in a part of Texas known for rattlesnakes, especially since the construction in our neighborhood is stirring up the fields. No bite marks on her anywhere and she’s still hopping about and wagging her tail so it appears she is fine. Although she kept rubbing her face on the floor trying to itch it. We gave her some allergy meds and prayed for the best. (Sidenote: we later found some leftover steroids from a surgery I had and gave her that too.) He watched her all morning and by lunch she was fine. Little turd. Nearly gave me a heart attack. Started my morning off with a bang. I was able to get off work a little early and finishing prepping the house for Chris & Amy to stay with us for the weekend. They got in late that night due to all kinds of crazy Dallas traffic and we hit the hay right after they got to our house.

*Friday morning disaster*


Well we slowly rolled out of bed and got ready to head out. Made some sandwiches, packed some beers, and finally got out the door to head to Bucees as part of the tradition before heading to the river. The tradition is to get ice and beef jerky but Amy got distracted by the retail side and well… she found a lot of these:

Needless to say it took us a little bit longer to get in and out than we thought. Now that we finally had all our essentials for a day of fun, we were in the car and ready to roll. The picture below is the guys driving.  
We get to this park in the middle of the city but it’s so far back that we had the whole place to ourselves. Granted I think the weather played a big part in that too, you’ll see why. We get there and I find a place that is easy for us to get in and out of the water, small river bank to plop our chairs and call everyone over to see if the spot will do. So the guys come walking up, with open beers already, they don’t waste ANY time, and they say “Yeah this is good. As long you don’t mind sharing the spot with the snake over there.” ugh. Dangit. Amy comes up to where we are “What snake?!?” After the guys throw some rocks at it, Amy flips out, and I roll my eyes we move on back up the river. (By the way there was a huge sign at that spot saying CAUTION: POISON IVY. Good idea we moved.) 
*Just our guys representin*

We found our spot and got settled on the edge. A few ducks came by scrounging for anything. Drinks were being poured. Park Rangers were telling the few idiots there to move their cars to actual parking spots. We forgot to put on sunscreen. Well we just didn’t bother with sunscreen because it looked like this:
*Before the monsoon*

Then this happened for about 20-30 minutes. So we grabbed the towels, beers, and lunch, and ran up to the one and only pavilion at the park. We ended up crashing the New Braunfels Library summer camp or something that was up there. They were nice and let us “borrow” a picnic table while we waited out the rain.

*See. Sketchy weather*
Then we trekked our happy butts back to our spot and enjoyed the sunshine that finally came out. The guys talked a lot of shop while sitting in the river, while the ladies chatted on the shore line. 
Man our hubbies have some gorgeous wives. heh. Ya like that? Slick right?
*No the straw is not picking her nose ;)*
We finally packed up around 3pm-ish so we could get back to the house and get ready for dinner that night. Got home, showered the river gunk off, and casually all four of us fell asleep. We eventually made it to dinner. On the way home we introduced Chris & Amy to 2tarts for dessert. Oh you know, just our FAVORITE bakery in town. That’s all. Then we were home bound. Lots of sleep. Exhausted. Man that south Texas sun is rough. 
*Recap of Saturday*
Amy and I woke up early to get some pictures done for a project I’m working on with a non-profit organization. We went driving around the country near my house looking for a field of sunflowers. (The woman was determined to have me in a field of sunflowers.) In the process, we drive past a corn field and she asked me to stop so she could get a few pictures. It was on a two lane curve so I pulled over into the grass so we weren’t stopped in the middle of the road. (In my head I’m hearing my police officer parents and our fire husbands saying how UNSAFE it is to stop in the middle of the road. ONLY reason why I did what I did.) 
And then this happened:
*Got stuck mudding in my mommy mobile*

We come to the conclusion that the stupid front two wheel drive Nissan is not going anywhere. Shit. I call Mike and proceed to say “Ummmm we have a problem.” 
His response? “What did you do?” ugh. You don’t know me! Like he knows that I did something.
Me- “Well what happened was… *giggle* We stopped to take a picture by a cornfield, pulled over, and got stuck. Like stuck stuck. Will you come pull us out? Pleeeeeease”
Mike- *sigh* “Where are you exactly?” 
I tell him how to get where we are and what I can see. While waiting for him, several people stop to ask if we needed help and I politely declined and told them my husband was on his way to pull us out. (That is what I love about country living!) Yeah we were stuck in there good. He finally was able to figure out how to pull me out and off we went. YAY! 
Amy got her sunflowers, I got my pictures, the guys got breakfast, and the day was good. They left after breakfast so they could start back to Dallas and I was disappointed that our weekend had gone by so fast. I truly love those two. They are family now. 

*THIS is how much fun I had on Saturday*

No I did not use sunscreen. Yes I know all the risks of skin cancer. I still burn like this even with SPF 50 on and reapplied every hour. Ask some of my friends who have known me for 5+ years. Hell ask my mom. I’m gonna be one sexy tanned woman once the red goes away though. Ohhhhh yeah! 
All in all we had a GREAT time! We made some lifelong friends, swapped stories, and relaxed. Oh yeah we broke a few “rules” too. We made sure to have an event that required driving more than two hours away, LOTS of alcohol, Chris & Amy stayed at our “private residence” so they didn’t have to get a hotel room, and we surprisingly didn’t embarrass our departments in the process. *eyeroll* Some people are WAY too extreme on the micromanage scale. 
Disclaimer: Even though we thoroughly enjoyed adult beverages we did have designated SOBER drivers. One for the afternoon and one for the evening. We had fun but we weren’t stupid. Comal County/ New Braunfels doesn’t play games with the whole DUI/DWI bit. We are all adults here. 

2 thoughts on “Instantaneous Family. Just Add Water.

  1. PMedic393

    Love it!!! Been there done that with the getting stuck ~ even with a 4×4! Ha! In the country of course! And same with the sunburn ~ I have 2 colors, lily white and lobster red! My little sister is a natural blonde and she tans like no tomorrow! But she's had malignant melanoma in her late 20s due to the baby oil stuff in high school. Sigh. Not me!

    Looks like y'all had an awesome trip!!!

  2. Mike & Wren

    LoL I was surprised the ground was as muddy as it was! Thank goodness for men and their trucks.

    Yeah people say to use sunscreen but it has so many chemicals in it that I just don't bother and I'm good once I get my “starter burn” for the season. Glad I'm not the only one with just two shades!!

    Thanks for the comment!


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