My Second Tattoo… I’ll Never Tell

I guess you are finally catching on that I live my life by movie/tv quotes. No seriously. When Mike & I carry on a conversation at least every other comment is a quote thrown in there for good measure. Not sure why we do it but it just happens. Anyways, when Sharky (tattoo artist) asked me what my tattoo represented I replied with “I’ll never tell…” She asked if it’s coordinates to a dead body somewhere? HA! Wouldn’t you like to know? *wink*
CALM DOWN!!! It’s the coordinates to Concord, Massachusetts. Back in 2010 Mike and I went on a week long vacation to Boston and the surrounding areas to visit his family.  Before we left, we decided to get married while we were there so his 90 year old grandmother could be a part of it. Only his mom knew before we left so she didn’t cut us out of the will. (Just kidding. Love you Jan!!)
Back to the tattoo. I had been wanting some kind of connecting tattoo to Mike if God forbid anything happened to him. We talked about possibly getting matching/complimentary ring tattoos since he doesn’t wear his at work for safety reasons. (See this image for why. Disclaimer it’s gross.) He liked the idea but wasn’t sold on it. I also liked the idea of a tattoo in his handwriting in white ink on my wrist so I’d always have a reminder of him to look at. One of my BFF’s suggested that may work against me if I ever try to get a job in the corporate world and I concurred and kept looking. I ran across a few fire wives who had this piece of a firefighter and his woman, which I really liked but felt that it would be a horrid reminder if he died or was injured on the job. Nixed that one. Then I came across this one of a girl who tattooed the important places in her life. OHHH now we’re onto something.
I’ve decided to use coordinates that are significant to Mike & I, now of where?
  • San Antonio was definitely out. Too many sketchy memories in that city for us.
  • Maybe New Braunfels? Ehhhh we’ve only lived here for 3 years, nothing too exciting.
  • Well Concord was at the top of my list because it was our first “real” vacation, where we eloped, and the start to OUR chapter of life. I liked it. No. I LOVED IT! Sold.
Now onto Location, Location, Location. 
I’ve very much against visible tattoos when in the work place so arms, legs, neck were out. Definitely not on my stomach since I haven’t had kids yet and there’s no telling how awful that’ll look after the fact. (A waste of a couple hundred bucks is what it would be.) I’m very much against tramp stamps because I LOATHE when my shirt rides up my back and you can see the top of my pants. Hip was a possibility but wasn’t keen on it for some reason. Would rather save that spot for a big gorgeous piece later down the road. I joked with Mike I was going to do it under my boob and he said absolutely not. Ok. Ok. After all this I decide on my left ribs. The left side is the side of my wedding ring, and long thought the side of where your heart is. (Right hand, left side of chest on heart for National Anthem? Get it?)
Part two of my decision of my tattoo came the week of my appointment. It totally dawned on me like a frickin lightbulb. *CLICK* Why not have Mike write out the coordinates? So it’s OUR location with a piece of HIM!! I’m a frickin genius. Go ahead. Say it. Man I amaze myself sometimes. WOO-HOO!! Now I’m excited. I’m in love with this tattoo and I don’t even have it yet.
I had already researched a few different places and came across a local tattoo shop in San Marcos. All of the work displayed on their website was beautiful, intricate, experienced looking. (Meaning they weren’t newbies.) I had a date set aside already to hang out with my BFF and she reminded me I should probably make an appointment to insure I got in to get the work done. Gave them a holler and one of the artists said they would have a guest artist from New York there and asked if I would want to get it done by her? Sure! Why not. I googled her of course before going in. She had some really amazing work on instagram @beforethewrathcomes. We set up the appointment and then my nerves started getting hyped up until Saturday rolled around.
*Coordinates finished*
My BFF and I arrived about 30 mins early because 1)we ran out of quick things to do before my appointment 2) figured I could get started on paperwork until my time was next. Luckily Sharky wasn’t working on anyone when we got there so she said we could get started early. I handed her the papers with all of Mike’s scribbles and we picked out one that was the clearest and straightest. She blew it up just a little bit so it wouldn’t be too squished together and cause the ink to bleed later on. Then we went to the back and got started. (After all the obligatory signing of the release of liability and “no-I’m-not-drunk-or-stoned-or-pregnant” paperwork.) Blah, Blah, Blah… lay on the table… lift your shirt… turn this way… scooch up… scooch over… I swear it’s like being at the doctor’s office for your yearly. LoL
I tell you what if you ever want practice for labor, get a tattoo. I’ve totally got that breathing through the pain thing down pat. Inhale right before the pain starts and exhale while it’s happening. Even though I had gotten a tattoo three years ago, this one hurt in a different kind of way. I’m not sure how to explain it. It was just different. Really irritating though. So we got done and this is what it looks like!!! I’m so happy with it! I couldn’t stop looking at it. EEEEEEK! And then…
*Coordinates up close*
I decided to get another while I was there. Well not really but technically. Like I said I had a purple ribbon from a few years ago that I had gotten as part of my healing from surviving Domestic Violence from my ex-husband. (1st Tattoo story here.) It had faded drastically in the three years I’ve had it. Not sure why until I met Sharky, she gave me the low down. But that is not my expertise to tell so I’ll just say that she fixed it for me and did a marvelous job!! I was expecting just a touch up but she redid the whole thing and says it should “stay” for at least ten years and if not to call her.
Well I may be calling her for more later on anyways but that’s neither here nor there at this precise moment. 
*Sharky working on the ribbon*
I tell you what though… WOW. The ribbon hurt like a sum beach this time around. Couldn’t tell you why but I was doing a helluva a lot of breathing through this one. Until about the last 15-20 mins and then it was kinda numb. All in all I was there about an hour and a half to two hours from the time I walked in the door to the time I walked out. I also absolutely love the new ribbon! It’s awesome and  I’m thrilled I took a chance with Sharky. Hopefully one day I’ll get some more work by her. My BFF texted Mike pictures of the finished pieces and his response was “Looks awesome.” Man of little words. LoL but he really does think they look good and that’s important since they are in places I can’t see anyways. hehe
Now he’s claiming he’s going to get the coordinates in my handwriting on him. HA! I’ll believe it when I see it. Until then I’ll keep admiring mine in the mirror. 😀 Love em. I simply love them.
*Before & After*
**I would like to give all photo credit to my BFF who went with me. She shall remain nameless because she has this super fancy high security corporate government job and well… she’s just special. HA! Fancy bitch. Love you though!! And thanks again for going with me!!

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