My Own Schrödinger’s Cat

Mike and I finally had a whole weekend together and we did nothing but watch a marathon of Big Bang Theory. (BTW If you have never seen this show, it’s HEE-LARIOUS!!) Well we got to the season 1 finale where Leonard finally asks Penny out and Penny is freaking out whether she should actually go through with the date in fear of ruining their friendship. Who does she turn to for advice? Sheldon of course!! The only person in the group with ZERO dating experience. Sheldon’s advice involves a potentially dead cat in a box with a vial of poison. Watch the video for his explanation of the theory “Schrödinger’s Cat” in relation to Penny’s need for validation to date Leonard.

LoL Did you like that? Hilarious, right? Every time I watch it, I almost pee my pants. Anyways, as I’m laughing uncontrollably during this scene, it hits me. The theory of “Schrödinger’s Cat” can be metaphoric to my view of procreating. I’m very neutral on the idea of children. I love children but I don’t necessarily feel I NEED my own children. I can picture my life with Mike two very different ways:

1) Us with three girls, our furbabies, and a house full of sports/ sleepovers/ study groups/ etc.
2) Never having kids, I get a kickass job with a Fortune 500, and we do LOTS of travelling.

Ergo, “Schrödinger’s Cat”. It’s both dead and alive. I can see us with and without kids. Now to test the with kids theory and see where it goes. I’m completely comfortable not having children if it comes down to it. So the cat is dead. Oh well. No one believes me when I say I feel this way but hopefully this illustration helps people understand my view better now.


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