Exercise Jar

Pinterest WIN!! Awww yeah. I had pinned this idea a long time ago but wanted a way to do this without the weight loss part of it because I only had 10-15 pounds-ish to lose. THEN what would I do? I pondered over it for a while. Then I got it!! I would use it as my “Exercise Jar” to keep my motivation to exercise. If you keep up with any of my posts I’m sure you have seen how much I HATE to exercise. Anywho, I was trying to entertain myself today while Mike was on shift and I ran over to Hobby Lobby to grab the supplies. Bonus points for me because I actually finished a craft in one night!!! YESSSSSSSSSSS. So now every time I go to the gym or walk the dogs or do a workout DVD I add one quarter to the jar. (Believe me when I say Mike makes me earn that stupid quarter when we go to the gym.) Not sure what I’ll do with the money when it’s full, but I’m hoping to fill it before July so I can use that money on our road trip. Also, please don’t judge my crappy illustration pictures since I’m not a fancy pants with a DSLR camera. Just my portable Samsung Infuse smart phone to get shit done around here. THANKS!!!

Keep a look out for my weight loss post coming up too!

Glass Jar- $6.99 (plus additional half-off)
Stickers- 4.99
Stickers- 3.99

*Jar and stickers* 
 *Applied the long sticker first to the bottom* 

*Applied my lettering to the jar*

*Original post is over at Hot Mess Princess and she even has people send in pictures of their jars and you can see others’ inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Exercise Jar

  1. Hot Mess Princess

    I love, love, LOVE the cute little swirly details on your jar. 🙂 And thank you so much for linking to my blog post. I truly appreciate it…and I wish you all the best in your kick ass efforts, honey!!! You got this!


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