Diva Cup- FAQs

Well ladies I’ve been getting some amazing feedback from all of you on facebook about the Diva Cup review I wrote. Here are some of the frequently asked questions I’ve received and answers from the company site, my experience, and some experience from others.

*Still working on this post as more questions arise.

Where can you buy the Diva Cup?

  • Divacup.com- http://divacup.com/where-to-buy/store-finder/
  • Myself- I ordered it from Amazon because my small town didn’t have any in stock.
  • Friends- Someone suggested http://www.gladrags.com or Whole Foods

How do you clean the Diva Cup?

  • Divacup.com- Before insertion and after removal, you must also wash your DivaCup using The DivaWash or warm water and a mild, unscented, water-based (oil-free) soap.  As needed, you can boil The DivaCup in an open pot of boiling water for five to ten (5 -10) minutes with plenty of water.
  • Myself- I personally just washed it out while I was in the shower and it was fine. The water was hot and used whatever leftover body wash I had on my poof. 

What if you have a small cervix?

Is it uncomfortable?
What about for women with heavy flows?
  • Divacup.com- The DivaCup conveniently holds one full ounce of menstrual flow (30 ml). As the average woman only flows approximately 1 to 1.4 ounces (30-40 ml) per cycle, The DivaCup is the ideal menstrual solution to care for your cycle.
  • Myself- I personally am a light flow person and even having it in for 24 hours it was barely 1/4 cup full. You honestly don’t bleed as much as you would think. 
  • Friends- 

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