Review: Diva Cup

*Disclaimer- I was not compensated for anything related to purchasing the Diva Cup or for using it and posting my review. This is done all on my own accord. 

What is a Diva Cup?
Diva Cup Website

FAIR WARNING- Very long post ahead. Not to mention some crude and inappropriate sexual comments hidden within. 😀

I finally got to use my Diva Cup!!! It was definitely interesting that’s for sure. If you aren’t sure what a Diva Cup is please refer back to my earlier post when I first made the decision to switch from tampons/ pad/ liners.

First off is a few pictures I took to give everyone an idea of how big the Diva Cup (Size 1- under 30, no kids) actually is. When seen in the box or online it kind of makes people nervous. Even I couldn’t really find a scale of size to see if I was willing to try it. A lot of people hear or read “cup” and freak out. It’s actually quite small. I mean c’mon ladies there are much bigger “things” that you have no qualms about using all up in there. hehe

(Left -> Right)
1) Diva Cup with it’s little pouch it came with.
2) Sitting in my hand.
3) Next to a Visine bottle. Everyone has a general idea how little the eye drop bottles are.

Next, this set of pictures is one way to insert the Diva Cup. It’s called the Push Down method. This happened to be the easiest way for me. It’s all preference.

This set of pictures is the U Fold method. For some reason it was harder to keep it squeezed together for me. Who knows why. Do what works best for you.

Ok so now onto the good part!! I started getting my usual signs, a week early again mind you, and decided to put it in before I went to bed just to practice a little bit. When I mentioned getting my DivaCup on facebook, one of my friends suggested putting in while in the shower. MUCH EASIER! I felt a surge in the middle of the night and woke up. Went to the bathroom, realized I had my Diva Cup in and then back to bed. All was good. No leaks.

*I have a pretty normal flow but on the light side compared to some women I know. I can either use one Regular tampon for about 4-6 hours or a Super for 6-8 hours, with a rare leak. I have other friends who have to change a Super tampon every 2 hours. YIKES.

Anyways, I put it in before bed then the next morning during my shower, took it out, rinsed it, and put it back in. Later on during the day I had to poop and ended up pooping it out. LoL What can I say, I have awesome kegels. Well… that took some practice trying to differentiate between muscles in the nether regions. That was the only time I did that. I also think it’s because the first day of my period is always the most serious cramping. Like so bad I had to ask my boss if I could go home at lunch.

From that point on, it was so easy. I would wake up every morning get ready for work like usual and put in my Diva Cup. Then after a full eight hour day, and four hours of night school, I’d come home jump in the shower, take it out, rinse it, put it back in and then go to bed. On Day 3 I left it in for a full twenty-four hours. It says to do every twelve but since my cycles are so light I tested it. No leaks, no funky iron/rusty smell, nothing. It was actually pretty damn awesome. I LOOOOOOVE the fact that there wasn’t that musky dirty smell. You know what I’m talking about. That smell when you walk into a public bathroom and you can tell the whole office staff is on their period. GROSS. yuck.

Also, I had heard of other women and their cramps miraculously disappearing as soon as they started using the DivaCup. That’s a crock of shit. It really didn’t help or make mine worse. I think if you are prone to cramps you are just S.O.L.

All in all, I really like it. I will still use a liner just to be safe but it’s actually held up to all the hype. I really liked it. Now if you are someone with a heavier flow and need to switch it out more often watch this video from Jill Krause over at with her review of the DivaCup and some of her suggestions.


2 thoughts on “Review: Diva Cup

  1. Christina

    I also have a Diva Cup and I love the idea of it but, I find that it is a tad too long to comfortably fit during my period. So I resorted to the Instead disposable cups for now and 1 cup can last the whole cycle so, a box will last a year. I think when I have the money I am going to try some of the other cups in search of a shorter one.

  2. Mike & Wren

    Christina you know you can trim the tip at the end of it, right? Luckily I didn't have to but they mention it on the website. It doesn't work for everyone but I commend you on still finding a greener method over tampons! Hopefully you find something you love!


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