Why I HATE the Christmas Season

*Disclaimer: This is not intended to make any of my family upset, it’s just what I believe the reason is behind my “Grinch” attitude. 

Growing up I never really cared for Christmas. Now as an adult I truly despise the five-ish weeks of Christmas crap until the start of the new year. Want the run down? Good. You’re going to get it anyways.
1) Stop skipping my holiday!!! I LOVE Thanksgiving. Like you have no idea until about two weeks before Halloween I start getting super excited. My birthday is November 5th which coincidentally falls into the same month as Thanksgiving. I think it’s because it’s the official month of Autumn which means all things orange. Multiple hues of orange (my fave color mind you), reds, and yellows. It means a whole day even a weekend of being a total fat ass and eating everything in sight. I take advantage of the only time during the year I can get away with that. That’s my first reason why I despise Christmas is because all the Christmas “cheer” totally oversees my holiday and doesn’t give Thanksgiving it’s rightful allotted time. Ummmmm hello!!! Without Thanksgiving you wouldn’t be in the country of the free. duh.
2) First off I’m technically the only sibling who doesn’t come from my “Dad”. My older 2 siblings are from his previous marriage, my mom brought me in when they got married, and then they had my little brother. Growing up, more often than not, I was the black sheep at family events. I was the only gringa (aka white girl) besides my  mom when we were at family functions for that side of the family. My dad was known for treating me differently from my other siblings. (No one will admit to it though.) I would do the same thing they did because I was 7-8 years younger and liked to mimic their actions. Yet, I was always the one in trouble, I was constantly sent to my room, or removed from activities. (Side note: sometimes I did the stupid shit so I could get out of crap I didn’t want to do anyways. If I got in trouble and was sent to my room I could go read for hours on end without looking like I didn’t want to spend time with the family because they irritated the hell out of me. 😉 School was out for the longest time during Christmas break which meant dealing with my family for the longest time. I could tolerate Thanksgiving vacation since it was usually only 4-5 days opposed to 3 weeks. Small doses of family. Small doses. 
Plus I hated being forced into those stupid Christmas plays and activities. HATED it. No I can’t sing or act therefore why shove me up there to look like an idiot. H-A-T-E-D it.
4) People are rude. They drive like assholes. Everyone is rude in the stores. There are more break ins, robberies, assaults, etc, than any other time of the year. Suicides go through the roof. Old people die because the whole family finally got together for one last time. Shall I go on?…
5) Enough with the whole “Keep Christ in Christmas” crap. It should be “Happy Holidays” because there are MANY other holidays being celebrated during this “five-ish weeks” Christmas is one specific day for one specific religion. Yall don’t own the season. Get over yourself. We claim to be a melting pot of cultures here in America yet the “Christians” are the ones running the joint. Do as I say not as I do. Huh. Interesting.
6) We don’t have kids, we have no reason to decorate and participate in the crap. Leave me alone, I have no desire to put up a tree. Some years I want to, others I don’t. You know how much of a hassle it is to constantly remind your husband to bring the decorations out of the attic? Or try and do it yourself because he is on shift every 3rd day? Nope. We are not putting up lights on the house, we are not decorating a tree, or anything else for that matter. Plus we have three furbabies who have a tendency to swat ornaments off the tree or get too close and their tails wobble the tree. Not worth it. 
7) Seems this is the only time when the cars or house want to break down and all of a sudden my “shopping” money is out the window going directly to Murphy’s Law. Screw you Murphy. 
8) I think it’s wrong to lie to kids about “Santa”. You lie to your kiddos about Santa for years on end and then all of a sudden “HA! Joke’s on you!” Like in my family, I started to think “What else have you lied to me about?” (Which happened to open up a whole new can of worms.) As far back as I can remember it has irritated me to no end when people lie to me. I’m very into open communication and if you don’t like it then there’s the door. I will not lie to you and I sure as hell do not want you lying to me or my children. I like the idea The Feminist Breeder has when addressing Santa to her kiddos. The lady is onto something there. 
Well there’s my rant. I don’t care if you call me a Grinch. It doesn’t bother me, I’ve got some tough skin. BUT DO NOT shove the shit down my throat when you know I can’t stand it. Go on about your merry little ways but please refrain from telling me about how I should do this or that during the Christmas season. No thanks. I’d rather not.


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