Thanksgiving 2012

We had the most glorious Thanksgiving ever!!! Starting to think this is the way to go from now on.

We had planned to have my father in law and his family over at our house since they have never been out to the house yet. (Also, my WHOLE family came over to my house the year before so we thought we’d shuffle through the families one by one.) Well that didn’t quite go as planned and they  cancelled the week before. Whatever. *shrug* I don’t hold high expectations of anyone nowadays, except for my husband, only because  I know he won’t disappoint me.

Anyways, at that point we decided we weren’t going to anyone’s house. We were going to do mini-Thanksgiving at home and be naked all day. We picked up a few items from the store for our favorite dishes, order a chocolate tart from 2tarts Bakery, and told the other sides of the family not to expect us.

I tell you what. That has been the most laid back, relaxing, enjoyable Thanksgiving I have ever had. No drama, no fake smiles, no slamming of doors, no holding back what I would really like to say. Simply wonderful. We saved a whole tank of gas, watched football for about 8 hours, took a nap, did some other things *wink*, and just enjoyed each other’s company.

I kinda like the idea of doing Thanksgiving by ourselves. It’s my fave holiday and I don’t want people ruining it for me. But I can’t have it all, can I? Oh well.

Also the furbabies got Thanksgiving lunch too. That’s how much we love them. We even shared. Spoiled brats.

Thanksgiving 2013? Def at home by ourselves. Wait. Shit. He’s on shift next year. TO THE FIREHOUSE!!! hehe It’ll be like Thanksgiving 2010 all over again. NOW that was some fun times.


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