Winter Yarn Wreath

Hello Pinterest Christmas Yarn Wreath! So I started this last September, and did most of it then got lazy about the hot glue gun part. I am not fond of using a hot glue gun. Mainly because in my childhood it was such a pain in the ass to wait for it to get hot, attempting not to burn yourself while using it, and then dealing with all that stringy crap after gluing something down. *groan* Do. Not. Like. Them. Sam I am. 

Back on topic. Last year on Pinterest these yarn wreaths were all over the place! I mean everyone and their mom were making one. So I got the crafty bug up my ass and decided to make one. I bought all the supplies and since I didn’t have a glue gun already, it cost me a pretty penny. Oh well. It came to like $25-30 BUT I now have a glue gun. In all honesty though, if you are not a procrastinator like myself then you’ll have no problem knocking this thing out in about two hours. 


Plastic Wrapped Wreath
Yarn (any color)
Felt Squares
Decorative Crap
Hot Glue Gun
Fabric/Tacky Glue (optional)
*Don’t take the plastic off the wreath!! Makes it easier to wrap the yarn around*

*Pick a side and tie the yarn around the wreath and start wrapping. This will consume most of your time. I did mine while watching DVR since it’s a mindless task*

*TA-DA! Finished*
*These are the felt flowers. This was the most non-complicated flower I could find. All you do is cut a spiral but you make the spiral wavy. There’s no right or wrong way to do it so you can’t “mess up”*
*You take the end of the wavy spiral and you roll it inwards. Try to keep one side flat for the back*
*Then glue the round end piece to the back side of the flower to hold it together*
*Glue this down. With tacky glue or the glue gun, it’s all preference*
*Then when dry, you flip them over and you have your felt flowers ready*
*This is the decorative crap I bought. I had to use wire cutters to trim the pine cones off the stem  as well as shorten the berries stem*
* I took the hot glue gun and positioned everything where I wanted it and glued it all down*
*Finished product. I’m scouring the house for ribbon to glue on the back because the wreath is too thick for the wreath holder on the door. When it’s on the door I’ll update this picture*

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