What is a Diva Cup?

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Yes, that’s a Diva Cup. Yes, I’m venturing into the “Go Green” unknown. To quote a friend on facebook who left me a comment “I‘m disgusted and intrigued.” Yup. That pretty much sums it up. 

I heard about Diva Cup when I started piddling in the Eco-Green-Reusable-Feminist-Midwife-Breastfeeding-Attachment Parenting community. No I’m not a parent. No I don’t plan on getting pregnant anytime soon. BUT I have been steadily doing things in my house and within our little family to make ourselves more eco-friendly. We have switched to more American made brands, cutting down on waste, recycling everything possible, and now I’m hoping to cut out tampons and pads. During my research to find a less expensive way to avoid the monthly bloody massacre, I came across many different solutions. 
The Menstrual Sponge– Talk about ewwwww. It looks like a loofa that you shove up in there. I don’t know about all that. Plus it can still leak, is actually a sea animal that’s harvested (double ewww), and doesn’t last as long per use. 

The Reusable Menstrual PadNow this I was NOT about to use. I’m the girl that started using tampons since Day 1 and did not like the diaper feeling of a maxi-pad. You wouldn’t catch me using these EVER! The gross factor really comes into play for this and I wasn’t sold. No further explanation needed.

The Diva CupThis is a menstrual cup that sits inside the vagina and collects the fluid. (See image below) 

After looking through many options and reading reviews on Amazon.com, I decided to give this a try. There are 2 sizes, Pre-Childbirth & Under 30 or Post-Childbirth & Over 30. The cup claims to only need to be emptied every 12 hours. Of course if your cycle is heavier then you would change it out sooner. The other awesome part is that because it’s made of medical grade silicon, I can put it in when I anticipate my period showing up and not be worried about TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) like I would for tampons. You know that day. You see your usual signs, forget to pack your “stuff” into your purse that day, and then you’re flooding your favorite pair of panties. UGH. So irritating. With this you can insert it as soon as you notice your signs and basically just wait for it. I also like the convenience of one item, opposed to tampons, pads, Tylenol,  spare panties, etc. It’s not too expensive. I found mine on Amazon.com for $18.99 plus shipping. A box of tampons is $4-5 plus the box of liners at $3, over 12 months is about $100. For me at least. Just a rough approximation. The Diva Cup supposedly lasts over a year, and if you really care for it, up to three years. I’m down for $20-25 a year. I can totally put up with the ooey gooey every 12 hours for $25 a year. 

OH!!! So my funny story. Because I always have a humorous story to attach to my posts. I had been looking at HEB the last few weeks for one of these because the Diva Cup website said my local HEB supposedly carried it. No such luck. Well I was scheduled to start my period over Thanksgiving. *groan* So this past Monday I finally broke down and ordered it on Amazon so it would be here in time for my anticipated period. Well hell. If that’s not some incredible timing. I started a few hours after I placed my order online. I was PISSED. I was really looking forward to trying this for this month’s period. Not so much. So I was a little bit anxious that I’d get it in time for the last day or two of my period to try it out. NOPE. It showed up the last day of my period, after I’d been at work all day, school all night, and checked the mail on my way home. Dammit. So you guys wont be getting a review and instructions until December some time. Until then think of questions you have for me and leave them in the comments and I’ll address them when I do the review. You guys may think of something I wouldn’t. 

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