The Ambulance Ride

So you clicked on “The Ambulance Ride,” did you? This one is short and sweet although the actual ride felt like forever. By this point you read about The Incident already and now curious what happens next.

Well the paramedics load me into a chair instead of a stretcher to get me down three flights of stairs. (Ever want to induce an anxiety attack? Get strapped down in one of those and let 4 guys carry you down. So. much. fun.) Then I’m loaded onto an actual stretcher in the back of the ambulance and we are getting situated with an IV and such. After you lose oh I don’t know… half your blood supply or so, getting an IV in is not that easy. While this is going on, a paramedic is asking me questions about allergies, medical history, blah blah blah.

Mind you my hand has literally shriveled up because I can not physically move my hand plus the amount of blood loss has caused my arm to be stuck close to my body. It won’t extend at all. So this guy goes and pulls on my fingers to try and keep the blood flow on the top of my hand moving.  HOLY FUCK DOES THAT HURT!!! I keep telling him I don’t want to lose my hand. Please don’t let them take my hand. Now I’m to the point of bawling. You know all those stages of grief? Yup I’m at the bargaining point. With the paramedic no less. He tells me he’ll do his best to keep it from getting to that point. On we go to the hospital.

I remember the ambulance ride seemed to take forever. It was only a 20 minute drive but I thought we’d never get there. We were code 3 the whole way too. (Lights and Sirens, for you common folk.) It was cool looking out the back window and seeing everyone move out of the way for us as we zipped by. hehe suckers.

Up next is while I waited in the ER waiting to go up to surgery. Good Lord, that’ll be fun writing that post.


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