Battling Bare Interview at Univision 41

Have I mentioned that I’m a volunteer for an organization called Battling Bare that helps spread awareness for PTSD??? No? Oh well let me shine some light on this amazing group! 
Back in June I came across an article that showed a woman’s back with a poem written on it and she was holding a military issued rifle above her head. Intrigued, I opened and read the article. WoW. This woman was at the end of her rope and willing to bare it all to get someone’s attention to get the help she needed for her husband. So many of our service members are going without resources and services to help them battle these inner demons that were bestowed upon them by fighting for our great nation. I “liked” the Facebook page, I started watching the updates. I was curious to see where this woman was going to take this effort. Slowly her face started popping up more and more on news sites. I read the articles, I loved the mission, I connected with them in the TX facebook group. Spouses joined together to share stories, swap recipes, give a shoulder to cry on and much more. 
There’s the background info about how Battling Bare started. Now to bring you to the interview. Once I started participating in the support group, I sent in a volunteer application in hopes of spreading it across Texas and our numerous military bases. I was accepted and made a Regional Administrator for Texas. Next we moved all of our support groups to a forum and I help where I can over there. I keep in contact with a lot of the ladies outside of the Battling Bare forums as well and we are always looking for more opportunities to spread the word. One of the girls got word through the grapevine that a San Antonio news station wanted to do an in person interview with a few of us. She asked me to go with her because she was nervous. It was no problem for me so I obliged. One of our Execs came down from Ft. Hood to do the interview and we actually had a great time. Even though it was a pre-recorded segment our Exec was super nervous. I kept telling her she’d do great, which she did. We also wrote the pledge on my back so the camera guy could get some shots of the process. So I technically got naked for TV. haha I brought my husband’s fire helmet with me because I had been wanting to do this for a while but didn’t have anyone to write the pledge on my back. Yay!! A twofer special!! 
The station that interviewed us was Univision 41, a local Spanish speaking station. Even though both of us white girls can’t speak a lick of Spanish they still wanted the story. They said it should be airing sometime in November, hopefully near Veteran’s day. I’m super stoked!!! As soon as it’s all said and done and there is a way to link it here for all to see, I’ll come back and add it. Until then, we wait in anticipation. 
*Me at the studio waiting my turn*
*Michelle, Director of Social Media, being interviewed*


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