Step 3 TTC – Ovulation Tests

That’s right the ovulation test. DUM DUM DUM….  Granted we are NOT actively TTC yet but we are enjoying all the practice! 😉 Here’s a small backdrop of why I bought the tests:
I first got on birth control when I was 16 and was seriously dating my ex-husband at the time. I always knew I didn’t want to be a teenage mom so I took matters into my own hands and went to Planned Parenthood *gasp* not for an abortion but for birth control. I was being pro-active not reactive. (Are you listening to me anti-PP Pro-Lifers!?!?) Ok back on topic… Up until August of 2011 I had been on birth control. Minus the 3 months after my ex tried to kill me (The Incident) and my body was so out of whack that BC was useless anyways. (BUT I was so drugged up at the time that sex was a little difficult to perform so no worries.) From the age of 16 to 24 I had been on BC. 8 years! I’ll admit though I wasn’t very consistent with my birth control. Sometimes I’d forget the whole week of pills and then take 5 of them on Saturday morning when I remembered. oops. Often I’d back to back the packages and not have a period for 3-4 months simply because it was inconvenient for me. I screwed with my birth control left and right YET I never got pregnant. Rarely did I practice pulling out or use condoms. Super careless I know. Still never got pregnant. Now it brings my story to the past year.

August of 2011 I decided to go off of birth control because I wanted to start prepping my body for when we did decide to TTC for real. I wanted to make sure all the artificial hormones were out of my system and that my body was on it’s own natural clock. This is when I began tracking my periods and using the “Natural Family Planning” method. Granted I’ve always tracked my cycle but I got serious about it now. I started to research Natural Family Planning, cervical mucus consistencies, ovulation windows, basal temps, and all that crap.

First, I downloaded an app called “MyDaysX” which lets me track everything and then will predict my next ovulation and period based on previous cycles. THEN I came across Ovuline and was super excited!! This thing tracks it all!! (I switch between both of them.)

Second, I started figuring out when the “window of opportunity” was and AVOIDED IT, like the plague. We always did the “pull n pray” (as my Blonde Italian likes to call it) but even during the “window” it could be dangerous. No thanks.

Next, I started writing down the different cervical mucus for the day. I tell you what as soon as something is awry you can spot it a mile away. There’s 4-ish different consistencies to watch for. With all of this I got it down!! I know almost exactly what days to avoid.

The point of the tests are to confirm or deny if I am actually ovulating. I know all my signs but am not willing to risk “trying” to see if I’m ovulating. My frickin luck is one of two ways.

  1. I’ll get preggo on the first try even though I want to hold off til December. OR
  2. For avoiding having kids this long, God’s cruel joke will be that I’m incapable of having children. 

I would like to know if I’m capable or not before risking it. My goal with the whole TTC scenario is I DO NOT want to waddle across the stage at graduation. I worked too damn hard and long to look like a beached whale when I receive my degree. Cuz that shit is going up in a frame on a  wall with a pic of myself in my cap and gown looking gorgeous next to Mike! I refuse to look fat and bloated when I reach this milestone. But a pic of me puking behind the bushes from morning sickness doesn’t bother me as bad. LoL

Next month is the first attempt, we’ll see how it goes…


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