Bradley The Border Collie

So we adopted a new doggie yesterday during my lunch break. Oh Em Gee he’s flippin’ cute!!! Here’s how we came across Bartley (Yes, I put Bradley in the title of the post. It’ll be explained):

After Bubby (Roscoe) passed away nearly three weeks ago, I slowly started scoping out the local rescues. Granted I had kept my eyes open because we knew it was going to be soon that Roscoe would move on, just not THIS soon. We needed a second dog though because already Lela was terrorizing the cat again. The cat doesn’t play well with others half the time. I had told Mike that I DID NOT want a Labrador nor a puppy this time around.

  • Labs have a longer puppy phase (5 years) 
  • I wanted a medium sized dog not a mucho grande dog
  • I hoped for an adolescent dog, out of the chewing phase yet still trainable
  • Preferably a Border Collie to keep up with Princess Lela
This past week I had looked through our usual Homes For Pets in Schertz but came up with nada. 
I checked New Braunfels, San Antonio, & Austin ASPCAs. Nothin. 
Next was SNIPSA, BC Rescue of TX, Animal Control, Animal Defense League, etc. Nothing. 
WAIT!!! I went to Seguin last week and saw the Guadalupe County Humane Society on my way back home. (About 2 miles from our house.) Check the website. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Border Collie ALERT! Says he’d been there since April. He was cuuuuuute. I showed him to Mike, he approved. Now to find a way to see him. GCHS has funky hours: Tues-Sat 10a-2p. So between figuring out when Mike is off, if I could get an extra 30 mins for lunch, BOOM Thursday lunch is when we were going to check him out. 
Mike calls me around 11am. Oh hell please don’t tell me something is wrong and he’s not adoptable. NOPE. Mike says he’s an identical twin to Lela, very calm and timid, 10 months old, he’s cute. (His words not mine.) I asked if they said it’s ok for us to bring Lela by to gauge their reaction to each other. He said “Yup, meet you there.” We get there and priss pants is going nuts like usual. Bartley is brought out and immediately takes to all three of us. The staff was shocked. We said “SOLD!” 
A lil paperwork later… Bartley comes home with us!!
We get home and I tell Mike I HATE the name Bartley. He thinks it’s fine. I say no way, if I’m yelling his name across the park it better be something I’m not cringing at. I suggested Levi first. I liked the thought of having Lela & Levi. It was cute, catchy, different. 
Mike says “eh.” 
ooooooook. How about Bradley? It’s close to Bartley so it’s not much of a change phonetics wise plus since he’s the boy in the house he’ll be more connected to you. (Mike was a gunner for the Bradley tanks in the Army, so it fit.) He agreed. 
YAY! New home, new name, new family. This dog has no idea what he got himself into. Now if I could just get him to sit still and not move when my shutter closes, I’d be able to get a half-way decent pic of him. When I get one, I’ll post it. *sigh* I love him already and it’s barely been 26 hours.

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