So You Don’t Support Planned Parenthood, Big Surprise

*Thirty-One has spoken with the Girl Scouts’ National President as well as top Executives in their organization and they all have assured us that Girl Scouts USA is not supporting Planned Parenthood in any way.

I read this in an announcement from Thirty-One this morning and I wanted to vomit. Both companies/organizations are Christian based. Both companies apparently don’t support Planned Parenthood. I’m shocked! *sarcasm* Remember when the “Christians” were upset at liberals raising concern over Chick-fil-a donating THEIR OWN profits towards anti-gay organizations. The “Christians” all rallied behind Chick-fil-a in support of where the company’s profits where going. Tell me “Christians” how can you have it both ways? You support one company on where they put their money but condemn another saying it’s the “wrong” kind of organization to donate to. It’s NOT your business, it’s not your profits, it’s not your decision!!!

I’m heartbroken that nearly 40 years later (Roe v. Wade) people are still only seeing what they want to see. Planned Parenthood is more than “abortions,” it’s birth control for people of low income to PREVENT the road down to said abortions, it’s pap smears to detect early cervical cancer, it’s mammograms for breast cancer detection, it’s educating people on how to prevent pregnancies and STDs, it’s STD testing. It’s male cancer screenings, it’s antibiotics when you have a urinary tract infection or a yeast infection, it’s vaccines, etc.

I guess if you’re more holier than thou to have ever used PP then you wouldn’t understand. I have. I have used PP when I worked 2 part time jobs without benefits, while going to school full time and couldn’t afford private health insurance. I got birth control through PP because I didn’t qualify for Medicaid because I made too much money with both my non-benefits part time jobs. I’ve had my yearly check ups there because I couldn’t afford a family doctor. While I do not condone abortions for the sake of not wanting to be a parent and being irresponsible, I do support PP for all their other amazing services. I thank God for organizations like Planned Parenthood who have helped me stay kid free and achieve my hard worked dreams the last 10 years.

It’s a somber thought that people can be so narrow minded about issues that are so irrelevant. WHO CARES where an organization donates their money too???? I don’t like that missionaries take my tithe money to countries overseas to help people that aren’t our concern. Why not use the money towards the people in your own country? Because that would make too much sense. Is that not “Christian-like” to help your own country first?

I love what Thirty-One and their foundation Thirty-One Gives stands for as a whole. I love that Girls Scouts of America helps young girls walk a path of feminism to become independent, hard-working, self-sufficient, responsible young women. I DO NOT appreciate that Thirty-One put this jab of a statement at the end of a beautiful announcement to join with GSA. All because of the “Christians” who pitched a fit over an issue that was none of their business.

I would like to direct you to my favorite feminist of this generation and the amazing post where she wrote about some of these very same issues here.


2 thoughts on “So You Don’t Support Planned Parenthood, Big Surprise

  1. heatherleighann

    I know I'm a little late commenting on this, Wren, but THANK YOU for posting this. I was disappointed in Thirty One when they posted this as well. I'm writing a letter to Thirty One regarding my opinion soon…. your blog reminded me that I need to do it !!


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