Geeky to the Max

I was playing around on Twitter during lunch and saw FireMom post about some new colored pens she got in the mail. I replied to her saying my inner geek was jealous of her new pens. She mentioned that she only uses those pens in her Erin Condren planner for color coding her life. Which I totally do too!! Granted I use PaperMate pens and a MayBooks planner because I don’t need anything too extreme yet. 
So just thought I’d throw a post and picture up of my color coded planner. I swear trying to keep up with what days Mike is on shift and I’m at school so I can let the dogs out at lunch… I have to do this. One day it’ll get easier. One day. Yeah right. 

Update 10/3/2012: My planner at the end of the month.


One thought on “Geeky to the Max

  1. The Baker

    my calendar is color coded too! Only I used google calendar and have it synced to my iphone. There is a color for everyone in the family and different colors for my various jobs (Thirty-One and the exchange program I work for). Color coded is highly important in my life!


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