Step 2 TTC – Update

So here is the conversation between myself and friend who is also “letting things happen” with her husband. We came to the conclusion that while trying to be high speed and thorough we screwed ourselves in the process. It sucks. All our hard work was flushed down the toilet by stupid DHA and Folic Acid. So frustrating. I’m still on them but am contemplating about switching to whole-food prenatals because I think mine are making me sick. Even if I take the vitamins on an empty stomach, full stomach or with food, I still get queasy. (And no! I’m not preggo, took a test and my monthly bitchy is still right on track.) Talked to a few other friends and they said the switch from synthetic to whole-food helped them alot. I’ll try it after I use up this bottle. I don’t like to waste.

So here is our convo for your enjoyment:

  • Follow TTC Friend- Have you gained any weight from prenatals? My hips have expanded and Im gaining steady weight- despite working out and majorly dieting to lose it…. I googled it and it’s a possible side effect. Screw this. I can’t be fat.
    • Me- LMAO now that you mention it…. I thought I was gaining muscle mass. But I’ve put on almost 4 lbs…
    • Ive started eating a hell of a lot healthier and working out a lot more with hubby. Well fuck…
    • Follow TTC Friend- It’s the prenatals !!!! Omg!!! These little freaking aliens are ruining our bodies!
    • I’ve been working my freaking ass off trying to lose the weight& it just keeps climbing! I can’t fit my hips in any of my clothes!
  • Me- dammit! here we are all trying to be fucking geniuses and prep out bodies and get fucked in the process
  • Follow TTC Friend- Yeah is there a such thing as pre partum depression? Bc I have it now thanks to the freakin weight. I even joined weight watchers today and then I had the epiphany that is the vitamins.
  • Me- LoL ya know Ive been kinda depressed too thinking about sacrifices to have a kid. I honestly dont want to anymore
    • Should we ditch em for a few wks & see what happens to be sure?
  • Follow TTC Friend- NEITHER DO I! Omg!

    • Maybe ditch the prenatals but still take the folic acid? The folic acid is supposed to be in your system for like a year or something


5 thoughts on “Step 2 TTC – Update

  1. Ashley

    My advice. Take flinstones and folic acid. OR, ONLY take the prenatals at NIGHT. That's the key. No matter when I took them, empty/full stomach, night was the only time I could take them and not get sick. With Noah, i couldn't handle them AT ALL. So, the dr told me to take 2 flinstone vitamins and a folic acid pill 🙂

  2. June

    Prenatals at NIGHT for sure!! I got sick on mine too until I started taking them right before bed, and make sure you don't swallow them with any acidic drinks (fruit juices/orange juice) 🙂

    Good luck on your road to a bump!

  3. The Baker

    I never had issues with mine. Are you taking over the counter prenatals? I had a friend that had issues if she took over the counter ones. My doctor had a prescription for me but DHA I bought over the counter as my insurance was $50 for the prenatal with DHA and it was $4 for the the prenatal and $7 for the DHA (over the counter).

    Good luck on letting things happen. I do believe that is the best way to go. It can be stressful if you are constantly checking your temp, tracking things to the day, etc.


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