Welcome Cayden!!

I became an Auntie for the SEVENTH time this morning!!!

Cayden was born at 7am and happened to be 7 lbs/ 7 oz.

I shall call him, Lucky. hehe Every grandkid gets a nickname in our family.

*In order of birth*

Jacob-    Precious (First grandchild)
Connor- Sunshine (He’s always so happy and go getter)
Beau-    Tank (Once he grew into his body, he was a stocky lil thing)
Cole-     *Never really had one. BUT I’ve never actually met Cole so….
Owen-   Gallito (Rooster, cuz of his hair when he was a baby) OR O-man (Complete Daredevil)
Max-     Boo Boo (Came from playing peek-a-boo with him)
Cayden- Lucky (All those 7’s in his stats)

Anyways, Cayden’s the first grandbaby on the Baumgartel side. And it was a boy. This is getting weird… If Mike & I do happen to have girls, I may pass out. I would really like a boy, odds are looking in our favor. But you know how God thinks he’s all funny and shit sometimes. We’ll see….


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