The Incident

The Incident- (Starting at 9am)

  • We get into an argument because I was leaving for the weekend. 
  • I told him “Tough.” I needed a break from the drama. 
  • I went to the bathroom to finish getting ready for work. I still needed to brush my teeth, blow dry my hair, and put on make up.
  • Sparda leaves the apartment and slams the door behind him. I figure he left for work early. 
  • As I’m in the bathroom brushing my teeth, Sparda returns with the most hellish look in his eyes that to this day I can’t describe. He walks up behind me. (I’m thinking he’s going to strangle me with rope or something so I stay very still and stare him down trying to predict his next move.)
  • Sparda grabs my left wrist (since I was using my right to brush my teeth) and holds it up horizontally. I’m thinking “What the hell is he doing?” 
  • I look over at my arm as he’s holding it and watch in slow motion as he proceeds to slice my arm from left to right, about 3 inches long. 
  • I’m watching the knife slice through the flesh, then muscle, right down to the bone. You see this stuff on tv but it’s so much cooler in real life. (I was in awe. I had always wanted to be in the medical field so this was an out of body experience for me.)
  • I was so shocked that this just happened I kind of stood there for a split second. Then it clicked that I was in trouble. The first thing I did was grab the towel off of my head (like Aladdin) and wrapped it as tightly as I could around my forearm to try and stop the bleeding. 
  • Then as I turned around to scream at him why he did this like a fucking idiot, that’s when I saw it. “It” being the look in his eyes  that was still there. It was dark, and hollow, and demonic almost. (Every once in a while I’ll still have nightmares about that look he gave me.)
  • Sparda proceeds to tell me “I will kill you, then kill myself.”
  • My smart ass answer you may ask? “Well by all means go for it!!! What the hell are you waiting for??” 
  • I don’t know if my response snapped him out of it or what. Then all of a sudden he came back and realized what he had done. He wouldn’t let me leave the apartment after I tried to convince him that I could walk down 3 flights of stairs and across the pool area (all bloody and whatnot) to the leasing office to get help. 
  • Finally, it clicked. He knew that I was super close to my mom and that I was on the verge of dying, so I asked if I could call my mom and tell her I love her. He agreed. Idiot.
  • Sparda then took 2 belts and tourniquet my upper arm in hopes of stopping the bleeding. And removed the blood soaked towel for a fresh one. 
  • As soon as my mom answered the phone, with all my might I yelled “Mom, I’m bleeding call EMS!!!!” She then went into Momma Bear mode and asked if he was there, I said yes, Sparda’s face went white, Mom told him to get the hell outta there and then she hung up on me. (I laugh to this day about how she hung up on me. She feels guilty about it but how else was she supposed to call EMS?)
  • At that point he realized what was going on and seriously left me on the floor bleeding to death and ran. He RAN! What a coward.
  • At this point I call Mike in hopes that he’ll talk to me while I wait for SOMEONE to show up and save me. (Mind you Mike doesn’t know where I live & just recently found out I was in the process of leaving Sparda.) Here’s how Mike & my convo went on the phone:
    • Me- “Hey so my ex just sliced my arm and I’m bleeding a lot. Will you stay on the phone with me until EMS shows up?”
    • Mike- “Are you serious? Ok, if you can get to your kitchen, drink a huge glass of sugar water.”
    • Me- “Ive got you on speaker phone. I’m in the kitchen but the sugar in on top of my fridge and I can’t reach. Geez it’s getting frickin hot in here. I thought the AC was turned down.”
    • Mike- “You’re going into shock. Sit down and stay awake. Keep talking to me.”
    • Me- “Ok. Geez, it’s hot in here. OH! My mom just came in! I’ll have her call you with updates.”
  • At this point my mom frantically runs into my apartment to see me sitting on the floor of my kitchen with my phone next to me and a bloody towel wrapped around my arm. First things first, “Mom. Do. Not. Go. Into. The. Bathroom. Trust me.” (You know how people jokingly say a messy area looks like a crime scene, LoL well my bathroom did look like a crime scene and I knew she wouldn’t be able to handle it.) I tell her to get me a glass of sugar water and help me drink it. 
  • By this point my dad and uncle are walking in and I tell them to shut the door to the bathroom so my mom won’t see. 
  • Then the paramedics show up. They crouch down in front of me and I tell them very nicely “When you open the towel, be very careful because it will squirt right at you.” Smart man. He slowly opened it to see and then closed it again to better prepare some bandages. Of course I got the usual, IV, pain drugs, etc. 
  • The cops are walking in as I’m being bandaged. Luckily it’s a female cop who asked if I could tell her anything about my ex and where he was. So I did.
    • Me- “Sparda is at his parents’ house at ______. Here’s his SSN, DOB, DL #, the outfit he’s wearing, and the car he’s driving. He’s ____ tall and about ____lbs, ___ eyes, ____ hair. Go. Get. Him.”
    • Cop- “Um. wow. Will do.”
  • I get put into the ambulance and head to University Hospital’s Trauma 1 ER. Once I get into ER through the rest of the day is a post all in it’s own. It’s entertaining.

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