My Mistress…

is a massage therapist. Seriously. What better way to get naked for someone than a person who rubs your whole body.

Upside? Hubby doesn’t even care!!

It started last November when Mike surprised me with a spa package for my birthday. He knew I had been wanting to relax somehow and he took the hint. 🙂 I got an exfoliating massage followed by a Swedish one and then a manicure. It was marvelous!

The massage therapist I happened to get was UH-MAZING!! She isn’t light but she’s not a Olga either. She incorporates physical therapy into the massage so by then time you leave her it feels like a Mack truck hit you. BUT, here’s the but, after a day or two you feel like a new person. Everything gets worked out, the knots, sore joints, all of it. I always tease her that she’s the only person I pay to make me cry.

After that one session I’ve scheduled her about every eight weeks as a reward to myself when I finish finals. God, she’s amazing. It funny how girls spend all their money on expensive this, that or the other. Pshhhhh me? I want my damn massage. I save up for 2 months to make sure I don’t miss anything with her. Man I love her. Now that I’m thinking about it I gotta schedule my next one. mmmmmm next massage. EEEK I get excited thinking about it!!


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