Step 2 TTC – Prepping Host for Parasite

Yup that would be prenatal vitamins you are looking at. Now don’t go getting your panties in a wad and be like “OH MAH GAWDDD!!! She’s finally gonna start trying!”

Uh…. NO.

I’m the kind of person that when I do something, I don’t go at it half ass. (Well, except for laundry. Hanging and folding laundry is soooo unnecessary.) I always spend at least 6 months researching something before I fully commit to it. My first car, I did tons of research until I decided what was perfect for me at the time. It’s still a perfect car until a lil one comes along, then I’m screwed. My decision to use a midwife instead of an OB/GYN hospital birth? 2 years-ish of research.

Anyways, since I’m usually over prepared for everything I’ve started prenatal vitamins now in hopes of getting preggo sometime next year. My first step was to kick my Caffeine Habit after we established The Countdown. Caffeine is still a hard thing to do but I’m now down to every other day and drinking anywhere from 36-48 ounces of water every day. Sometimes I really crave a cream soda or a Cafe Vanilla Frap from Starbucks but I use those as a “treat” once or twice a week.

So, I’ve been taking vitamins for about 8 months now. Granted they were the One-A-Day gummies, but it was more so the habit I was trying to form. Habit formed. Check. Now to the expensive shit. I want to make sure that I’m as healthy as can be before getting on that roller coaster. Because when I come off of it, I wanna be able to stand steady on my feet before hitting sleep deprivation mode. So that’s all this is. Just preparation. Nothing more. Move along now. 


2 thoughts on “Step 2 TTC – Prepping Host for Parasite

  1. 374's Wife

    I wish I would have done this before hand – I could not keep vitamins down to save my life. Not that I could have done it that way if I wanted to… neither of our were planned 🙂

  2. Mike & Wren

    I HATE surprises of any kind so I'm trying to stay in control. Yeah right. We'll see what happens. I've learned to def eat before taking my vitamins or I get really nauseous.


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