Good-bye Blonde Italian

So my newly acquired bestie has left me for the rest of the summer. I’m very sad. I will miss her. Let me explain why she’s a “newly acquired” bestie opposed to a regular bestie. Which I only have a few of anyways. 
We’ve actually known each other since high school, had a few classes together. BUT she was hardcore into sports and well… I was the kid who went to school and tried my hardest to get the hell outta there. I HATED high school. Not my fave times. I hated the drama, stupidity of teenagers, and the disrespectful adults. (I’m an old woman at heart so this was not my element.) 
Anyways, we didn’t quite run in the same “circles” and rarely got to know each other outside of class. (Honestly, I always thought she was well out of my league as friend material, or otherwise.) So we graduated and went our separate ways. But lucky for us, facebook kept us in touch over the years. She got her degree(s), married a military man, and traveled across the US more than a few times. Myself, got married, got divorced, got married again (different guy, thankfully), and still going to school. Last year sometime we really started connecting on facebook more than usual with little sarcastic comments here and there on each other’s post. Then we started texting and realized we had WAY more in common than we ever thought. Our personalities were very similar and made it easy to talk for hours on end about everything and nothing. So she texts me one day and says she has an internship right next door to my office!! HOORAY!! I was so excited I had a friend locally. She was gonna spend 6 weeks-ish down here and then she’d be off to Seattle for the last half of the summer. 
I tell you what. That 6 weeks was pure awesomeness. Geez I sound really pathetic but I seriously have very few friends that I get to hang out with on a regular basis. So having my Blonde Italian around was absolutely wonderful. Over this time we realized that more than sharing wit, sarcasm and a common feeling towards tiny humans; we could possibly be soul sisters. It’s so odd. Granted she is very different than me thanks in part to nature vs. nurture elements but yet we still come back to the same similarities. Kinda creepy when I sit and think about it too long. 
So with all that, she has left me for her hubby. BOO! I refuse to share! haha But we’ve already established our next girl excursions so we can catch up on things since she left. 
I miss her. To a degree. 😉 See you soon Blondie!!!

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