Date Night: TX Roadhouse

Hubs and I had our first date at TX Roadhouse 5 years ago this August. It’s still a vivid memory for both of us: the conversation, food, jokes. A great start to a great relationship. Anyways, since we moved to New Braunfels, we hadn’t gone to Roadhouse in a long while and he surprised me tonight. I kept asking where we were goin for dinner and he kept saying “You’ll see.”

YAY!!! Good eatin tonight. I decided to have an adult beverage since he was driving. So I ordered a regular on the rocks with salt margarita. Let’s say I was a smidge tipsy when leavin.

*Fish Bowl Margaita*
“Drink up so I can get lucky tonight.” -Hubs
*Mini  Almond Tartlet*
Of course every date night warrants a stop by 2tarts!
*BTW he did get him some that night. hehe*


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