Emergency Binder

Pinterest wins again.

I was entertaining myself like usual, pinning away in between answering the phone and dealing with criminals at work. I came across a pin that connected me to Misty Marsh’s “Survival Kit Series.” GENIUS! It was simple, informative and resourceful. She made some information sheets, put copies of all important documents, all within clear protective sheets and put them into a binder. If ever an emergency you just grab the binder and everything is in one location. Easier than digging through a file cabinet. Faster than having it in a safety deposit box at a bank that you can’t access if there were a natural disaster. Genius I tell you.

The secret is where in the house it’ll be kept. I’ll never tell. (In Brittany Murphy voice from the movie Don’t Say A Word.)

So here’s what’s included in the binder. And what I altered for our family.

Important Numbers Template

  • Emergency Numbers
    • I put TXDoT because it’s the Department of Transportation and you can call them for updates about roadways that are out, etc. 
    • My neurologist because I get horrible migraines and he has records of my latest MRI. 
    • Veteran’s Affairs because Mike’s latest lab work and yearly physicals are maintained through VA so they would be the first ones I would contact if anything happened to him. 

Adult ID Template

  • I have bubbly handwriting so I altered the font sizes and wording of the templates. 
  • Cut out info that wasn’t needed like home phone, excess wording.
  • Work phone and phone under “Employment” got combined. 
  • First and Middle name lines were combined.
  • Added “Blood Type” 
  • Added “Tattoos” because hubby and I have tats.

Child ID Template

  • Just rearranged the lines into different orders.
  • Added “Blood Type” 

Pet ID Template

  • I used the Child ID Template and made one for the furbabies in case anything happens. They are like my children so their information is just as important to me. 
  • Deleted the fingerprint boxes and put one box for left paw/ one box for right paw. They are just as distinguishing as fingerprints.
  • Added “Microchipped” check boxes. If it says yes then it saves rescuers a lot of time finding info out on the animal. Helps also if their collar comes off. OR if we lose them we can check with the shelters if our furbaby is there because of the chip. 
  • I added Vet info with phone number. 
  • Added “Rabies ID” which is kept on file with the state to verify that they are not a threat medically. 
To be included in our binder:

  • Business card sheet protector. Misty used this to hold social security cards, driver’s licenses, credit cards, etc.
  • Copies of mine and Mike’s certifications and degrees. 
    • CPR, EMT
    • My Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees
    • Mike’s firefighting certifications. (We’ll need a 3 ring binder to add those. I kid. I kid.)
  • Copies of shot records for whole family.
    • Dogs, cat, mine and Mike’s
  • Paperwork for house
  • Truck Title
  • Flash drive with pictures. (Try to update twice a year.)

    2 thoughts on “Emergency Binder

    1. 374's Wife

      Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog and commenting! I love finding new fire wife bloggers! I need to do something like this. I feel so disorganized when it comes to this stuff. Gotta love pinterest!!!

    2. Wren Baumgartel

      Me too!! I have a file drawer with all our documents but nothing this organized. I'm slowly working on it before we have kiddos so I can just add them in. Thanks for the follow!


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