The Cat is Out of the Bag

Mike let it slip to my mom that we are letting things happen. Dammit.

Mother’s Day we took my mom out to breakfast and some shopping. While we are perusing through Target, Mike let’s it slip about our plan for the fall. (Refer to The Countdown) So then I had to explain the countdown to my mother and reassure her that it would NOT be anytime soon. My bachelor’s degree is a priority at the moment and I’m too close to finishing. That it’ll be AT LEAST the fall before we get careless in our recreational activities.


Sooooooooooo pissed at him for doing that. I wasn’t telling her for a reason. Now she’s gonna have that “Are we there, yet?” look on her face every time I see her.


I guess I need to voice EVERYTHING to him. So much for thinking we had really great communication. Some secrets are meant to be between a husband and wife ONLY! gah. Whatever.


2 thoughts on “The Cat is Out of the Bag

  1. Dork On A Dime

    Hi! I just ran across your blog through a shoutout on the emergency binder blogger. Props on making the pet page, because our three puppies are our babies too!

    Just wanted to add a little encouragement about the cat being out of the bag. This happened to us with this pregnancy (I'm due 10/3/12 with baby #2) and my Mom. I finally told her that it is actually an emotional downer because IF we are trying and didn't get prego this month, it's going to sting when she asks. If we're trying and don't know yet, I don't want to give her the wrong idea. She totally understood and put it in the back of her mind. Just remember, your Mom has been in your shoes before – she had you, after all!

    Additionally, your previous post about the caffiene… GREAT for you if you can kick the habit before you even start trying. I was on a redbull a day (I hate coffee) until I quit cold turkey after we got prego with baby #1. I still drink sweet tea (a southern girl can't kick that!) but hardly any sodas or energy drinks at all. I have migraines regularly too, but the funny thing was when I got pregnant, they went away! I truly think that it was my birth control that was causing it. That and when you are prego, your vision changes slightly which can contribute to migraines too. I only get them during pregnancy if I have a sinus infection.

    Anyway, good luck with everything!!

  2. Mike & Wren

    Thanks for your comment! I think she kind of forgot about it because I haven't heard much from her since then. Our situation is a lil interesting because it's all grandsons on both sides of the family and everyone is convinced we are having girls. Crazy, right? We'll see.

    I've heard that same tidbit about the migraines and pregnancy too!! I hope that's the case. I would not miss my migraines at all. I'm not on any birth control, and I don't take any meds regularly that may/may not cause them. I'm anxious to see what happens in the next 6 months or so.

    Thanks for stopping by!!


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