Secret Italian Restaurant

Oh my goodness. This place never fails in making my taste buds do a happy dance for the night. I’ll never tell where it’s located at. It’s by invitation only. hehe If  you have been brought to this magnificent restaurant by me, consider yourself very lucky. It’s a small hole in the wall and it’s the same 3-4 guys cooking in the kitchen every time we go. Which in turn means that the food is always as good as the last time. I hate that about chains. So in keeping with that, I never tell where it is because I’m so afraid it’ll get big and then become something entirely different and I’ll be disappointed the next time I go. We’re on first name basis with Paul, our server. HaHaHaHa He pretty much knows what we want when we walk in the door. LOVE this place!!

Hint: It’s by a set of railroad tracks and a bar-b-q joint.


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