I’m right. Thank you very much. Let me give you the low down.

Mike decided he was gonna go back to school to finish his Associates in Fire Science and use up his Post 9/11 GI Bill so we can stash away some money. He said he couldn’t update his account info online and then register for classes. I mentioned he may have to re-apply to San Antonio College so it’ll update all his info and make him active again. He kept saying no that wasn’t it. He went down to SAC and talked to counselors and Veteran’s Affairs and in the end told him to reapply and they would register him.


Isn’t that what I said to do?

I only worked at SAC for 2 years IN THE COUNSELING DEPT!!! C’mon. I wasn’t telling you this on a whim in hopes that it would work. shit.

Why don’t men listen to their wives when it’s clearly something the know a decent amount about?

Anyways, he texted me after getting the run around at SAC and said “You were right. I have to reapply.”

Oh such a sweet sound. “You were right.” *sigh* Made my heart flutter a little bit.


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