Step 1 TTC – The Countdown

Oh lord. I cant believe I agreed to this but here goes… Also since I know no one reads this that it’ll practically stay a secret until the time comes.

The other night while prepping for marital duties I counted our stash of protection. I made a proposition to Mike that when we run out thats it we’re out. Not wasting any more money on protection or contraception of any kind. We’ll just see where life takes us. He seemed kind of shocked at first but said ok. According to my calculations, if we continue on the path we’re on, we should run out in October or so. Meaning if we follow the frequency of sexy time due to our schedules, counting that annoying week that is inevitable then October is our official kick off time.



That’s about 5ish months from now. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Can I take that back. I lied. I’m not ready. Let’s sneak in another economy size box of protection and drag this out a little longer. Please? I’m only 25. It’s too soon for my life to be over as I know it!! Uhhhhhhhhhhhh…

shit. I’ll keep you posted. shit.


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